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well heres another shorter story which is not completed...i want Ты to know your opinion if i should continue this one! thank you!:)

When we look at the scene this time, we can see like ten police cars are trying to stop a car with death body inside, but what is even еще strange is that the death body is driving that car. Finally when the gas was run out of the car it hit the дерево and exploded. Police didn’t noticed that the body inside was death before, all happened. Dr. Temperance Brennan and special agent Seeley Booth are arriving at the scene few hours later.
„Hmmm, male, mid 30s...
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Ok, here's the whole short story... please Комментарий and rate!

Booth walked back into the Jeffersonian to pick up Brennan for dinner. They had just solved another case, and it was tradition. When he saw that she had already finished all the paperwork and was getting ready to leave, continued his merry way. He enjoyed spending time with her.
“Ok, Bones, what’ll it be tonight?” Booth asked her happily as he walked into her office. “Sushi, Tai, Pizza… have I ever reminded Ты about how good you’re mac n’ cheese is?” he stopped when he realized that there was no answer. “What?”...
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so far got these:) hope Ты like it:) grammar corrections are appreciated;)

Story line before this kind of episode...Brennan is dating FBI agent called Andrew, he’s really into her and she is enjoying his attention, however its hard for her to admit it, her сердце belongs to another…Booth is dating girl name Megan, she’s obsessed with him and really jealous about Brennan around him, whilst Booth is dreaming about another…

“Bones, we’ve got a case!” сказал(-а) Booth while entering Brennan’s office.
“Uhm…,” answered Brennan without any sign of interest, but just starring at her computer...
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[b]No, it has nothing to do with the film and it's going to fanfiction.net, just wanted to see the reaction and here opinions.[b]

"Ok, Bones. Ты got your bags?"
"Yes… I have traveled before, Booth."
"Yeah, well, Ты never had my rugged good looks to distract you." he put on his shades.
He was answered with a stern glare. "Sorry…"
Had he just flirted openly with Brennan? It was all the sun and seeing her in reveling summer clothes. Thank god they hadn't found time to go to the beach; well, he had, the hotel was on it. But not her. Thank god. If he was flirting with her because of her tightly...
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Story Tagline: "Things arent always what they seem..."
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Dr. Temperance Brennan was preparing some paper work when the phone rings.
„Hello Dr. Brennan, id like to inform Ты that concerning to these days i decided to extend your days off by Далее week,“ the voice of Brennans boss, Dr. Camile Saroyan sound flatly.
„Oh Cam, i want to work, i need it and i dont need these days off,“ objected Brennan.
„I know , but Ты need a rest too, so thats why im not gonna back up,“ she сказал(-а) with smiley voice.
„Ok, can i just take some paper work from the lab today?“
„Dr.Brennan, Ты are not allowed to walk in the Jeffersonian till...
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