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Hush, hush Becca Fitzpatrick

I was Чтение an Статья that was debunking romantic gestures in Фильмы that couldn't happen in real life because of well possibility of being arrested and one of them was of course stalking. Not sure how in the world this is seen as romantic but okay...The Статья included pictures and in the one in stalking there was one of Edward Cullen surprise surprise. In the Комментарии someone mentioned the whole twilight/Edward thing and how it was beyond creepy and someone else сказал(-а) that "hush hush" from Becca Fitzpatrick was way worse.
I had two thoughts when I read this: why did this seem familiar (maybe because I work in a библиотека and have seen/put away the series about a billion times) and REALLY?! Someone worse than Edward Cullen?! So, thoughts from anyone who has read the Hush Hush series from Becca Fitzpatrick is it really creepier than Edward Cullen cuse between him and his um adult counterpart that is Christian Grey (I am еще than aware how the series came to be fyi) because I find this really hard to believe
 QueenofHorror posted Больше года
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teampetrova said:
I read the first book a while назад so I don't remember very well, but I found it uninteresting and very Twilight-like. I think the plot was a little bit еще fluent than Twilight but the characters are very similar so I wouldn't say Hush Hush is way creepier, but really not worth reading.
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posted Больше года 
Thanks for the input. It seemed like they were comparing the male leads of the Книги and saying the one in hush hush was way worse than Edward Cullen
QueenofHorror posted Больше года
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