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On Chesil Beach is about two young people whose major problem is lack of communication. At he time they live (1962), it was totally unacceptable for a husband and a wife to talk about sex.
But their lack of conversation is not only about their future sexual intercourses: those two young people seem never to talk about anything!. The wedding was planned because it was the logical end of their relationship and because Edward thought that this marriage could overcome Florence's hesitations during their flirting. But their decision to become husband and wife doesn't seem to be the result of a serious...
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Ok. This may be hard for some to read. I'm 15 and I really feel like Книги saved my life.

1. They're always an escape when things get low.

2. They took me places I thought I couldn't ever go.

3. When I used to get beat up, I could just open a book and feel better.

4. I didn't have to talk to a book, it told me a story instead. (I suffer from severe SAD или Social Anxiety Disorder)

5. They let me live in a different world for a while; I could try to forget all the problems I had.

6. When I Остаться в живых my aunt, I would pretend I could still see her in the characters I read about.

7. I never felt scared...
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These are some Книги to read if you've ran out of ideas (lol)
1.) Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smit
2.) Warriors (It's a series) by: Erin Hunter
3.) Fever by: Laurie Halse Anderson
4.) Shooting The Moon by: Dovey Coe
5.)Vampirates (it's a series, too) by: Justin Somper
6.) The Percy Jackson Series by: Rick Riordan.
7.) A Little Princess by: Frances Hodgson Burnett
8.) The Животные Of Farthing Wood by: Colin Dann
9.) City Of Собаки by: Livi Micheal

Oh, here are some other good books, all by David Clement-Davies
The Sight(it was fantastic and about wolves!)
Fell (it's the sequel...it's awesome too!)
огонь Bringer (It's about a Фэнтези about deer...really interesting)
The Telling Pool (I'm in the middle of it...it's page-turning once Ты get past the first 150 pages!)
I'll keep editing as I find more!
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Source: The Entwine Series
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Source: The Entwine Series
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Source: The Entwine Series