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Encounters of Niceness

Brat's P.O.V
I finished tying my hair in my signature low ponytails that reached my hips.I finished putting on my dark grey skinny jeans and dark blue tanktop that was so high Ты thought it was a bra.I finished slipping on my dark blue and black checkered vans.And I finished putting a little mascara on my lashes.

I went downstairs to tell my sisters I was leaving they looked at me for a минута and shrugged.They were really nice,but sometimes out of it.

I just waved it away before going out the door.

I sighed as I leaned еще towards the утка pond to feed the ducks...
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Bubbles counterpart, is spoiled, sassy, and is boy crazy! She has two long ponytails made with two dark blue bows and wears a dark lue tank вверх with a black skirt. Also does wear black boots. She is a spoiled brat that posesses a little bit of Bubbles morals of logic. Another difference is known as Bubbles cute personality Brat has a sassy personality. Brat is believed to have Любовь feelings toward Inferno. But nobody knows if Inferno has Любовь feelings toward her. Her element is salt. If she was on the Показать her voice would be Tara Strong. Brat is the youngest of her sisters.