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Brooke and Lucas is the couple in my heart. Brooke and Lucas is the couple in many billion hearts. Brooke and Lucas is a couple that has come to stay, and people might try to overshadow them, but their Любовь will never be something that Ты can hide under a blanket. Their Любовь is a Любовь that will not alter!

They entered in many peoples сердце in season one, and later in season two and three they entered in billion hearts. They convinced us that their Любовь was stronger than anything, maybe even stronger than the devil trying to трещина, сплит them. But in the end, it was up to a man with great powers to...
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posted by CheeryEllen93
So I have noticed lately a LOT, and I mean a WHOLE LOT of people are losing faith in BL now that the spawn of seyton is on the way. Ты gotta keep the faith! Любовь IS faith! Remember, true Любовь conquers ALL (in the end!) and people that are meant to be together always find their way (in the END). For example, a timeless story in pop culture is the notebook. Noah & Allie are EPIC, even though they only spent a few months together, their Любовь went on for 10 years. Allie was engaged to someone else she "loved" but hey, like its said, true Любовь just finds its way! Lucas just SETTLES for Seyton,...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Disclaimer: dont own anything, not oth или nothing. dedicated to nem, Любовь ya girly, Ты are the bratty to my broody. the Название is totally inspired by another Статья here, i think by eka but its been so long that i cant exactly remember.

Chapter One – Counting

Peyton P0V

It has been two years, eight months, three weeks and two days since I was last in дерево Hill.

I’ve been counting.

There were many reasons why I left and cut contact with my friends, the main one being is I didn’t like the person I was becoming. I use to be strong and independent and I had found myself depending too much on...
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 We all Любовь those days<3
We all love those days<3
As Ты all know I am technology challenged, and artistically challenged! Therefore, i can't make designs of anything of that sort!
To Michelle(Mickei): This gift is entirely original.
P.s sorry if Ты hate it! или if it's toooooo corny.

WE partially have the same name
but that really doesn't make us lame
We have style
but only for a little while.

When I first met Ты on the first page of the BFG
You went by a different name
Although your still the same
That girl will always remain
the same wonderful amazing
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
When I found out Hannah (Brucas4ever) was my secret santa I couldn't have been happier. She is truly an amazing Фан and person. If Ты do not know this BLer Ты should, you'll never forget her. So Hannah, Merry Рождество and a Happy New Year.


Painted faces all around
Dancing, spinning, falling down
Dazzling fakes are such a bore
A genuine smile sparkles more

So lift your chin
High and proud
Remember you're better
than half that crowd

You're honest and sweet
Loyal and true
The loudest and funniest
of our crew

Ты are you, mangos and all
A beautiful person for a beautiful soul
And though others may fail to see
We flove Ты always, at the BFG.
 and a red door Обои just for you. ily tigger
and a red door wallpaper just for you. ily tigger
posted by brucas4ever
 i Любовь Ты guys ♥♥
i love you guys ♥♥
I know not all of us celebrate thanksgiving but i just wanted to say that i'm very thankful for this spot and for everyone here! and even if Ты don't celebrate thanksgiving! I'm really glad i got to know Ты guys! i Любовь Ты guys!

When i first joined i really didn't talk to anyone, but after months passed by and i got to know everyone i noticed something! this is way beyond a website with fans! Were all so close, i feel so blessed to have meet Ты all! i look at this site and spot as way еще than just a couple i love, but somewhere i can go and be at home, be myself, the thing is i don't...
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"Kinda feels like Dejavu"
"Not really, Ты told me to fight for me and I did, Ты never fought for me!"
"Why would I do that , Lucas? Ты cheated on me, with my former best friend...again! And even though Ты know how much this hurt me, Ты two are still together all the time and it kills me to see this. I asked Ты to stay away from her, but Ты don´t care. We broke up and it seems like Ты don´t really care, like Ты always wanted to be with her. So why would I fight for you, what should I do, run after Ты even though I know you´d rather to be with her? Even though I know my сердце would...
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posted by xPrettyGirl_82x
Okay so Me and Brucas_Chophia were bored so we made a Список of 101 Its an BL thing :) some are silly but Its BL we are allowed to be fun and silly sooo feel free to add if we missed anything или whatever или if Ты want to know why one is on the Список just ask one of is lololol:

*Red door
*Mine Forever
*Anything for Ты
*Always (always there for eachother)
*Hair&Face touches
*Pool (the game lol)
*Eyebrow Kinks
*Purple Monkey
*Rats жопа, попка
*"It means everything"
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Lucas was the first really great guy that Brooke ever dated, and it scared her because she had never дана a ratsass before. She never let herself get into an emotional relationship.

The moment Brooke met Lucas was essientially the moment where it all changed for her. Her relationship with Lucas helped her change and grow. It helped her realize that it wasn't all about sex, that she didn't have to act a certain way to make a guy like her. It made her realize that some guys will see through her slut act and notice how amazing her heart truly is. It also made her realize how much Любовь can hurt,...
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posted by Dean-girlx
"You gave me something no one else was able to give: love." - Lucas talking to Peyton.


How many moments can Ты point to and say "that's when it all changed?" -- Ты just had one.

This is like L.O.V.E mad-crushed out!

I just .. I want to know everything about you. And I want Ты to know ... almost everything about me.

It’s just that, you’re the first really great guy that I’ve ever dated and that really scares me because I never gave a rat’s жопа, попка before. Ok? .. but I do now.

People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.

All I really want...
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posted by Bdavisbrookeme
Whats uppp, 4th is finally here. Комментарии are definitely appreciated, so please do comment. Peace, Love, and Sneaks


Brooke’s POV:

"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Capulet."
– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 2.2

Here I am sitting in class again bored out of my mind listening to this teacher ramble on and on about Romeo and Juliet; lame. It’s been two months since I’ve transferred schools and everything that needs to be in place has fallen into place just as planned. Justine...
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posted by babyd21
So i was watching the oth episode, where lindsay thinks the comet of lucas' book is peyton. And i'm just like are Ты completely insane! Because as i'm listening to her say the quote from the book, i'm like this comet totally describes brooke!

So i'll describe why i KNOW brooke is the comet!

"The boy saw a comet. The boy saw a comet, and he felt as though his life had meaning." This would be when he first meets brooke. Brooke says to him, "How many moments in life can Ты point to and say, thats when it all changed?" Because we all know as soon as lucas met brooke his life changed for the better!...
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posted by brattynemz
Lately I've been spreading еще LP/Mark hate than BL love. Sorry for being like that, I know I have to be strong for us, for Brucas, but I can't brush off the feeling. Anyway, this Статья is nothing like the first two I've written. It is a reaction (rant, whatever Ты call it) to an OTH spot Опрос [link.

I am surprised, what the hell has Leyton been through??? OMG I can't describe how I feel, I can't even find the right words to say. What has Leyton been through??? I mean, besides cheating and Peyton pining for Lucas, what else have they been through? What, Brooke and Lindsey?? Are people telling...
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posted by BLforever
Lucas and Seyton met because he is a car mechanic and he fixed her crappy engine...from then on they were in love. EPICZ!!~! Lucas loved her since день one, they are both Эмо freaks they could sit alone in the dark listening to screaming Музыка together he thought...EPICCZ TLA~!~ Then Lucas told Peyton about his Эмо hopes and she сказал(-а) no she did not want to be Эмо together she just wanted sex. Then they didn't have sex. TLA~!~! Then Seyton's wonderful best friend Brooke took her out to party to cheer her up and Seyton got herself into a situation with an Эмо screwed up college boy who drugged...
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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
The moment that changed it all…the moment that Peyton confessed her Любовь for Lucas to Brooke, his girl friend, and her best friend. I realized after back and forth, Leyton vs Brucas, Дебаты between myself and equally passionate and respectful LPer, Abs07, just how significant that moment is to me as a Brucaser, but even еще so as a OTH fan. It disgusted me so much that I had been blaming Peyton, and even Leyton for it ever since. Why do I hate this moment еще than anything? еще than Leyton’s affair in Season 1…even Brooke breaking up with Lucas in 4.01? Well, I hate it for what it...
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posted by Chlarkfan
Ok so i hate peyton soo much of course Ты know that =] There are MILLIONS of reasons why i absoloutly cant STAND HER!!!

1.In the first season she cheats on her BEST Друзья boyfriend.BUt that is not the worst part. When brooke tells peyton "I'm falling for him" and also that she likes him alot she still has an on going affair behind her back.She also gets made a brooke for being mad at her!!

2.In the 3rd season she tells brooke that she still has feeling for lucas. I know that she was trying to be honest but she сказал(-а) to brooke that she wont hurt her right after the shooting WERE LUCAS&PEYTON...
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I found this series of Статьи on livejournal written by Имя пользователя : Magicalthree's They are Great, and all about brucas!! This one I enjoyed esspecially so I am now posting it on here to share with all Ты БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) fans! I ASSUME NO RIGHTS FOR THIS Статья AND IT IS NOT MY WORK I AM JUST SIMPLY POSTING THIS TO SHARE!! ALL RIGHTS AND Источник GO TO LIVEJOURNAL USER MAGICALTHREE'S


I think Brooke's red door is significant in their relationship because it marked the beginning of Lucas Показ his feelings for Brooke. This happens I think in Season...
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Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott will have something that LP never will and that's unconditional love. The first three seasons is what most BL Фаны focus on, so I wanted to write this Статья to draw some attention to the 'forgotten' season(s) and to the fact that even though Brooke and Lucas broke up, they never really let each other go.

I Любовь Ты Lucas, and I probably always will.
- This is the moment. Brooke has realized that she could never make Lucas let her all the way in and that Любовь just isn't enough.

Go! It's okay .. go!
- Brooke wants Lucas to be happy, even if that means it's with her...
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 What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
This is an anti-LP Статья so if you're an LP fan, get a clue. GTFO of our spot and don't rate this low. I am entitled to my opinion and Ты shouldn't rate this low just because Ты disagree with me. Now if you're gonna rate this low, at least have the courage to Комментарий или you'd just be like any other losers I know. I came up with this in like an час and these were the only ones on вверх of my head at that moment. Suggestions are welcome. Now go on reading! :)

1) Cheating shows the intensity of your Любовь for another.

Season 1: If your Любовь is so intense, why choose to be with another when you...
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Brooke: "Hey, you"
Lucas: "Oh, I think Ты got the wrong car."
Brooke: "Nah. Don’t mind me. I just have to get out of this uniform. So, uh, anyway, I’m Brooke. But Ты probably knew that. Can I tell Ты that that last shot was awesome? How’d it feel? Good, huh? Ты know it did "
Brooke: "Oh, my gosh!"
Whitey: "That game wasn’t horrible."
Lucas: "Thanks, coach."
Whitey: "Well, don’t turn pro yet. Ты drag your scrawny butt to the weight room twice a день starting now."
Lucas: "You got it"
Whitey: "Oh, uh... By the way, there’s a half naked girl in the back сиденье, место, сиденья of your car. I just...
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