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Janni posted on Nov 16, 2009 at 10:25PM
Some of you might remember that we had a forum like this last year, where everyone got to wish for something, and it was our [the people one this spot/ the BFG people) job to make the wish come true!=D
Last year many of us wished for medals, which didn't turn out to be such a great idea. But this year you can pretty much wish for almost anything, not medals, things that breaks the fanpop rules, but for art, videos, an articel, a pick etc. etc.

You can already start to write what you want here;D And remember that if you want a gift, then you need to help us fulfull other people's wishes too!

Want a video with the song "Part of the list" By Neyo, preferably made by Mary. The video is a Brucas video, and it should be from Lucas's pov;D
Santa Claus: Mary ;]

She wants an article where we say why we like/dislike her, what out first impressions of her were, what we think of her now, why we like having her around the BL spot, and what it would be like if she wasn't here
Santa Cluas: Hannah (head writer), Janni, Mary, Cat

She wants an article where we write about our first memories of her! What we thought about her! Was she a bitch? Did you hate/love her? How did we get to know each other? Favorite memory? Just like an article about how you feel about her, and how the BL spot would be without her
Santa Cluas: Nem! (head writer) With help from Mary, Janni & Cat + input from Mon

She wants Brucas icons!♥
Santa Cluas: Cat, Terra & Janni
the GIFTS:
link link link link link link link link link link
link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link
link link link link link link link link link link

She wants an article from someone/somebody about us brucas fans, why you love us and why you dont;D
Santa Claus: Ash & Hannah
the GIFTS: link & link

She wants Brahtan video to the song "Sexy Back" from Justin Timberlake!
Not to a bitch or anything, but the video needs perfect colourgin, sorry i need the colours to be perfect xD
Santa Cluas: Dawn ♥

POEEEEM for her obsessions! [her couples,artists...]
Satna Claus: Mon & Mickei!
the GIFT: link & link

An article about her, without bashing her xD Her humor, her awesomness are some ideas to right about!
Santa Claus: Sarah & Hannah, and with some help from me

She was a BL video to the song Soulmate Natasha Bettingfield
Satna Clays: Jessica

She wants a BL video to the song "What If" by Safetysuit
Santa Claus:[/b] Molly

Brucas christmas icons <3
Santa Claus: Nate

She wants a Brucas/Skate/SereNate with one of these songs
"Hey Stephen" Taylor Swift
"Things I'll Never Say" Avril Lavigne
"I Shall Believe" Sheryl Crow
"Thinking of You" Katy Perry
"Bad Romance" Lady GaGa
"Beautiful Soul" Jesse McCartney
Santa Claus: Jessica

She wanta a Neyton video, but if not she wants a multi fandom video with Jeyton, Serenate, Skate, Ryan/Marissa, Alex/Izzie, Rory/Jess, Brucas or with any ther couples she loves. She has no no particular songs in mind.
Santa Claus: Alice

she wants a BRUCAS Wallpaper
Santa Claus: Holly

She wants an art with some of the BFG memories <3. But if it impossible to make (she hopes not xD), then she just want a Brucas art!
Santa Claus: Terra & Nem?

What are YOU making this christmas?
If you have signed up to be santa's helper this year, look throught the list, find your name and find out what your task is!
Nem: HEad writer on Hannah's article
Mary: Monia's gift * Helpin on Dawn's gift * Helping on Hannah's gift
Hannah: Head writer on Dawn's article * Helping on Alice's article * Helping on Sarah's article
Janni: Helping on Dawn's article * Helping on Hannah's article * Nem's gift * Helpin on Mary's poem
Helping on Alice's article
Cat: Helping on Dawn's article * Helping on Hannah's article * Nem's gift
Terra: Nem's gift
Ash: Head writer on Sarah's article
Dawn: Janni's gift
Mon: Head writer on Mary's gift * inout on Hannah's article
Sarah: Head wrtier on Alice's article
Molly: Kelsie's gift
Nate: Ash's gift
Jessica: Holly's gift * Terra's gift (both videos)
Alice: Molly's gift
Holly: Jessica's gift

Post the gifts when it's nearing christmas!

 Some of Ты might remember that we had a Форум like this last year, where everyone got to wish for so
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Больше года Cas_Cat_2 said…
Aww, the BL X-mas icon is ADORABLE <3

And i'm in. ;)
Больше года mcewen_girl said…
Aw, great idea.
I`m in.
Больше года dermer4ever said…
i'm in
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
omg this sounds soooooooooooo excting yaya a bl xmas I KNEW THE BANNER SHOULD HAVE BEEN A XMAS BANNER!!
Больше года sophialover said…
I know exactly what i want. mwhaha.
I`m totally in!

Can we already start writing our wishes...?
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
^^^^^ agree and can we choose who we want ?
causeeeeeee ummmmm i already have my wish x] AND I WANT IT MORE THAN ANYTHING!!
Больше года Janni said…
of course you can;D

just type what you want, and we find will someone who can fix it for you;D

What do you mean with: who you want?
last edited Больше года
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
What do you mean with: who you want? < --- I mean can i choose the person or do i just ask and anyone does it?
Больше года Janni said…
you just say what you want, and people will hopefully sign up for the things they wanna do;D

but if you have a special person in mind just write it down, and we will see what happends;D
Больше года Dean-girlx said…
alrighty :) i'm in ♥
Больше года xoheartinohioxo said…
I'm in!
Больше года jennifer_02 said…
i'm in:)
Больше года OCFan123 said…
Больше года livelovelaugh said…
im deffo in i loved this last year! oh btw we are going to have to start the Yearly BL awards! so i will make a forum for people to post the topics etc xD
im gonna have to think hard of what i want xD
if anyone wants videos made i am happy to do them xD
Больше года bl0ndy said…
I'm also in .. =]
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
i know what i want, but im not saying what i want first :P lol
Больше года brattynemz said…
I already know what I want :D
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
Больше года brattynemz said…
LOOOL! I want two gifts, I'm still not decided which one I'll post!
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
LOL K !!
Больше года Janni said…
People! just SAY what you want! xD

And dawn, i think Nem made a forum like that about a month ago, and we have a lot of topics there, we just have to go thru it and check it;D
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…

i want a video made by mary (because i saw the one she made the other day and i loved it) and i want the song part of the list - bye neyo BECAUSE IM OBESSED WITH IT!!

lol x]

last edited Больше года
 okay FINEEE i want a video made by mary (because i saw the one she made the other день and i loved
Больше года brattynemz said…
That's specific, LOL.

My choices are:
BL iconS - because not a lot makes them anymore =( and you know I'm picky with my BL icons!

BL video - not yet sure about the specs.

I'm leaning towards the BL icons since there are more icon makers than video makers here.
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
LOL you dont understand how much i want a video like that Nem. IT CONSUMES ME!!
Больше года livelovelaugh said…
ok mines specific lol
i want an article where you all say why you like/dislike me what your first impression was what you think of me now and why you like me being around the BL spot and what would it be like if i wasnt here!
Больше года brucas4ever said…
awww dawn i was gonna say that!
Больше года Janni said…
Monia! do you want your video to be about Brucas?

Ballah: You could always want the same gift;D
Больше года mollyx365 said…
Hmm I`m not sure yett what i want...
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
janni, YES I DO! I want it to be lukes pov :P lol
Больше года brucas4ever said…
if tofu doesn't kill me ill take the same thing
Больше года livelovelaugh said…
awww yeh hannah of course you can have the same gift xD
Больше года OCFan123 said…
I want an...article of what you think of us brucas fans, and why you like us!
Больше года OCFan123 said…
Instead, I want...an article by someone, about us brucas fans(like me, Jannie, sophialover), and why you like/or dislike us.
Eh, pretty much the same thing...
Больше года xoheartinohioxo said…
I want... i don't fucking know yet.

lol i know i want a vid but i have absolutely no clue what song i want it to.
Больше года Janni said…

Больше года livelovelaugh said…
janni i will make your vid!
Больше года dermer4ever said…
i am up to making icons

idk what i want yet
Больше года brucas_naley101 said…
On Sarah's do we have 2 do why we don't bc idk if i can think of any :). & I'll do that.
I want bl 2 b bak 2gether bt other then that (its a little big hehe.) some BL xmas icons :)
Больше года Janni said…
Ash, so you'll make Sarah's gift?

and you want BL christmas icons?;D

hehe! we all want brucas hun<3
Больше года 1treehillfan said…
I want an article!! :D
I want the same as Dawn's, except if you don't like me, don't bash me in the article LMAO.
K that would be pretty much the most sucky article ever.
"Merry Christmas!
Больше года dermer4ever said…
I finally figured it out i want a BL video to the song Soulmate Natasha Bettingfield
Больше года sophialover said…
WOHOHOOOO i`ll work on it Mon.
and i just can`t wait to write about Dawn & Hannah! [i`ll be honest ehhhhhhhhh? when it comes to the first impressions thingy...] MWAHAHAHA!
Больше года sophialover said…
....i want.....i want you guys to write a POEEEEM for my obsessions! [my couples,artists...] you know what i mean...xD
Больше года livelovelaugh said…
oooo Terra i will make your vid aswell i love that song!
so im making terras vid and jannis vid!
Больше года brattynemz said…
I'm doing Hannah's!
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…

and im good at poems so i will do some of urs mary =] (but i want someone else to do it too lol)
+ can i write my first impression off Hannah & Dawn, BECAUSE I TOTALYY REMEMBER LOL
last edited Больше года
Больше года mcewen_girl said…
I'm pretty sure I want a BL video to the song "What If" by Safetysuit. They PWN. ♥

I love that song and I've tried to vid it a million times,but I can never get anywhere with it. So,maybe one of you will.

And if not the video, then anti-Alex Dupree icons.

Cause that SKANK should just go fucking crawl in a hole and die.
last edited Больше года
 I'm pretty sure I want a BL video to the song "What If" by Safetysuit. They PWN. ♥ I Любовь that son
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
whos alex dupree?
Больше года mcewen_girl said…
On OTH. The new face of Clothes over Broes.

She's a slutty little skank.
last edited Больше года
Больше года monLOVEbrucas said…
OHHHHHHH HERRR, i thought so x] i watched her in one epi, she seems gay LOL