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posted by BrunoMarsLover9
 My cat acts like Bruno Mars.
My cat acts like Bruno Mars.
In my opinion Bruno Mars is awesome!!!!

Bruno Mars and my cat are alike because they're both adoreable!! Neither of them are afraid to act like who they really arbout it!!e, even when they are pressured!! Bruno Mars always pushes himself to do еще than what some1 else would do.He's his own person!Just like my cat pushes himself to jump off of the back of my deck when I wouldn't even think about it!!

Bruno Mars doesn't try his best to be perfect!!He isn't a plastic doll and he doesn't try to be!! Bruno Mars is awesome and he reminds me of the phrase:
"Friendship isn't about how long
Ты have known the longest.......
It's about who came,and never left your side!!!"

My cat never leaves my side,and Bruno Mars would never leave the side of all of his fans! Bruno Mars is amazing and I Любовь him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This phrase reminds me of Bruno!
This phrase reminds me of Bruno!
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