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buffyl0v3r44 posted on Feb 20, 2012 at 05:05PM
♥♥ok so I totally stole this from @LovingLucy's game on the Charmed spot. To start off you ask something that has been on BtVS like for example you would ask "Why is Buffy the Slayer?" and then the person bellow you will reply with something imaginary like for example "Because she was apart of a band" you really just reply with silly imaginary things its really fun!♥♥

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Больше года buffyl0v3r44 said…
why is Dawn the key?
(now the person bellow me will answer this and then post something new for the next person to answer and so on)
Больше года SundownSlayer said…
'cos they ran out of passepartouts.

Why Oz and Will are redheads?
Больше года buffyl0v3r44 said…
big smile
because they ate a red demon and it turned their hair red

Why is there always and apocalypse?
Больше года SundownSlayer said…
Because according to the "Apocalypse now" movie-title, the apocalypse is always NOW.

Why vampires do burn in sunlight?
Больше года potckool said…
well... the sun is very scared of vampires lol

Why are slayers always female?
Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
Because girls don't need a guy to save them anymore.

Why Is Spike hot?

Больше года nycnyc1 said…
because god answered my prayers :)

why did willow become gay all of the sudden?
Больше года Doodlebug81 said…
because she had a bag of skittles

What was Angel's human name?
Больше года anderflins said…

why does the first only appear in a dead person's form
Больше года mimivilee said…
Because his manicure went wrong!

Why did willow want to become a witch?