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brileyforever77 posted on Mar 02, 2013 at 03:18PM
PLEASE READ: I just wanted to try a 10in10 icon contest. It looks like fun, if this works out for me I will do more. Maybe when I get really good at this I will try a 20in20 icon contest. I AM GIVING YOU LESS DAYS TO SUBMIT YOUR ICONS, INSTEAD OF 10 DAYS I AM GIVING YOU 5 DAYS. If this amount of days doesn't work out I will give you more days the next round.

Rules/Things to Know

1. Stick to the themes I give you don't argue with me on them

2. You will submit 10 icons, 5 themes and 5 artist's choice

3. DO NOT steal icons, you have to make your own

4. You have to make the icons now, you cannot use ones you have made in the past

5. No animated icons (Gifs)

6. No repeated icons or icons used before with different effect unless I say otherwise

7. Icons must be squared

8. Icons should be anything from 100x100 to 200x200

9. Each theme will go on pick for 2 days, and no voting for yourself once they do

10. You have 5 days to submit your icons


If you have any further questions please let me know

Prop Ranking:
2 props for participation
3 props for theme
5 for artist's choice

Round 1: (CLOSED)

1. Buffy Summers - Winner: Bibi69
2. Quote - Winner: KarinaCullen
3. Bright - Winner: LovingLucy
4. Close up - Winner: LovingLucy
5. Object - Winner: HaleyDewit
Artist's Choice: your choice - Winner: KarinaCullen

Round 1 sign-ups:

LovingLucy (COMPLETED)
HaleyDewit (COMPLETED)
KarinaCullen (COMPLETED)

DEADLINE March 7th

Round 2: (CLOSED)

1. Spike - Winners: Bibi69 & HaleyDewit
2. One Word - Winner: flowerdrop
3. Sepia - Winner: flowerdrop
4. Dead - Winner: HaleyDewit
5. Your Least Favorite Character - Winner: Bibi69
Artist's Choice: your choice - Winner: flowerdrop

Round 2 sign-ups:

HaleyDewit (COMPLETED)
flowerdrop (COMPLETED)
LovingLucy (COMPLETED)

DEADLINE March 11th

Round 3: (CLOSED)
1. Favorite Couple - Winner: HaleyDewit
2. Neon Winners - LovingLucy & flowerdrop
3. Accessory Winner - LovingLucy
4. Half of Face Winner - flowerdrop
5. Sex on Fire Winners - HaleyDewit & flowerdrop
Artist's Choice: your choice - Winners: HaleyDewit & flowerdrop

Round 3 signups:
LovingLucy (COMPLETED)
HaleyDewit (COMPLETED)
flowerdrop (COMPLETED)

Round 4: (CLOSED)
1. Just a Quote - Winner: QueenCordelia
2. Blend - Winner: QueenCordelia
3. Yellow - Winner: KarinaCullen
4. Full Body - Winner: QueenCordelia
5. A Scene From Season 7 - Winner: KarinaCullen
Artist's Choice: your choice (5 icons) - Winners: QueenCordelia & KarinaCullen

Round 4 Sign-ups:
QueenCordelia (COMPLETED)
KarinaCullen (COMPLETED)

Round 5 Themes: (CLOSED)
1. Black & White + 1 Color - Winner: charmeddexter
2. Your Favorite Character - Winner: KarinaCullen
3. Username - Winners: KarinaCullen & charmeddexter
4. Demon - Winner: charmeddexter
5. The Scoobies - Winner: KarinaCullen
Artist's Choice: your choice (5 icons) - Winner: KarinaCullen

Round 5 Sign-ups:
KarinaCullen (COMPLETED)
charmeddexter (COMPLETED)

Round 6 Themes:
1. Question
2. LOL
3. Kiss
4. Vivid Colors
5. 2 Color Background
Artist's Choice: your choice (5 icons)

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