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sexyspike1 posted on Mar 04, 2009 at 11:03PM
Just came to wondering what the most popular Buffy couples were and decided to post ; ) So, what are your top 5 favorite couples?

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Больше года spikes_girl said…
1. Buffy & Spike
2. Willow & Tara
3. Willow & Oz
4. Xander & Anya
5. Xander & Cordelia

Buffy & Riley come close (don't pound on my head with a hammer! I just realized recently that I liked them).
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Больше года ArabellaElfie said…
Don't worry Cat, I had a change of Briley heart because of a music video...I was almost scared to tell you guys. It was like I 'had a problem' and need 12 steps. Are we just talking Buffy, no Angelverse (ie. Cangel and Fred and Wes?) Also, are we doing real ships or including those 'possible' ships? Hmm, basic list would be;

1. Buffy & Spike
2. Willow & Tara
3. Xander & Anya
4. Xander & Cordelia
5. Willow & Oz

Look, I followed Cat's bold use of the amperstand!
Больше года cecig said…
1.Buffy and Angel
2.Spike and Dru.
3.Anya and Xander
4.Buffy and Spike
5.Giles and Joyce(Jaja)
Больше года nataliejade said…
1. Xander & Cordy
2. Buffy & Angel
3. Spike & Dru
4. Willow & Oz (Though I really love Willow & Tara)
5. Buffy & Riley

I've always been a Briley fan, they were really sweet together.
Most of my couples are from the earlier years, they were the best!
Больше года rose2 said…
1.Buffy and Angel
2.Wilow and Tara
3.Xander and Cordelia
4.Xander and Anya
5.Buffy and Spike(well,i'm a big bangel fan,but i actually liked spuffy a little bit,but just a little)
Больше года spikes_girl said…
If I include the whole Buffyevrse, this would be my list...

1. Buffy & Spike
2. Cordelia & Angel
3. Wesley & Fred
4. Willow & Tara
5. Tie: Doyle & Cordelia, Willow & Oz. I love both these couples!

Well I'm glad I'm not the only Briley shipper! It was when I was watching Superstar recently, and I was totally going crazy during their dance! I love them! I also recently watched The Replacement, and at the end when Riley said she doesn't love him I was on the verge of tears! Especially when she comes back in and he acts like nothing is wrong. Poor Riley!
Больше года spikes_girl said…
Oh and also Bangel, I recently watched Angel, and again I was going crazy when they were kissing!! But I know I still don't like them in season 2 & 3, I just love them in season 1.
Больше года SweetPea2007 said…
1.Spike and Buffy
2.Oz and Willow
3.Xander and Anya
4.Spike and Dru
5.Angel and Buffy
Больше года jemgrl323 said…
1. Buffy and Angel
2. Willow and Tara
3. Willow and Oz
4. Xander and Cordelia
5. Spike and Drusilla
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Больше года melandjim4eva said…
1. Buffy and Angel
2. Spike and Drusilla
3. Xander and Cordelia
4. Xander and Anya
5. Buffy and Riley
Больше года sexyspike1 said…
Ummm, these are mine:

1. Buffy and Spike
2. Willow and Tara
3. Xander and Anya
4. Xander and Cordy
5. Giles and Jenny
Больше года ArabellaElfie said…
Anyody else love the slight shifts in ships? Everyone is slowly genereating towards a liking of all couples with a favorite in their lead. Like Cat and myself - we're good with Briley and Bangel but we are Spuffies. Also, Rose2 is showing a little flowering onion love.

It's a happy peaceful day in the Popdom.
Больше года H2o_James said…
1 Buffy and spike
2 willow and tara
3 anyanka and Xander
4 xander and cordi
5 angel and buffy
Больше года lizzie_jo5 said…
1. Buffy&Spike
2. WIllow&Tara
3. Spike &Drusilla
i know it's only 3 but didn't like any other
Больше года brosis101 said…
1.Angel and buffy
2.Spike and druscilla
3.Oz and willow
4.Anya and xander
5.Buffy and spike
Больше года whitv91 said…
1. Angel and Buffy
2. Spike and Buffy
3. Xander and Cordelia
4. Oz and Willow
5. Riley and Buffy
Only every time i see Angel in an episode with Buffy no matter who she is currently with i always wish they could have stayed together.
Больше года SUPERGRL said…
1. Buffy and Angel
2. Buffy and Spike
3. Willow and Tara
4. Xander and Cordelia
5. Buffy and Riley

Xander and Anya would be number 6.
Больше года willow90 said…
1.buffy & angel
2.willow & tara
3.willow & oz
4.xander & anya
5.jenny & giles

kennedy and willow would be number 6.
Больше года MelBelle2 said…
Больше года JamesJupiter said…
01. Tara and Willow
02. Jenny and Giles
03. Spike and Anya
04. Buffy and Riley
05. Giles and Joyce
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Больше года LOVEWITHEDWARD said…
big smile
1.Buffy and Spike
2.Buffy and Angel
3.Willow and Oz
4.Xander and Cordy
5.Spike and Dru
Больше года LovingLucy said…
1. Willow and Tara
2. Xander and Anya
3. Buffy and Riley
4. Willow and Oz
5. Bangel
Больше года kittykat89 said…
big smile
1. Spike & Buffy
2. Xander & Cordy
3. Willow & Tara
4. Xander & Anya
5. Giles & Jenny
Больше года btvsinsanefan said…
1. Spike and Drusilla
2. Willow and Tara
3. Xander and Anya
4. Buffy and Angel.
5. Willow and Oz
Больше года Barby23 said…
1. Angel & Cordelia
2. Spike & Buffy
3. Xander & Anya
4. Spike & Dru
5. Willow & Oz
Больше года Bangel1998 said…
big smile
1. Buffy and Angel
2. Spike and Dru
3. Xander and Anya
4. WIllow and Tara
5. Xander and Cordy
Больше года whedonfan976 said…
1 willlow and tara
2 buffy and spike
3 giles and miss calender
4 xander and anya
5 buffy and angel
Больше года CallinMeBlondie said…
1. Buffy and Spike OTP
2. Willow and Oz
3. Xander and Anya
4. Giles and Jenny
5. Xander and Cordelia
Больше года chill1025 said…
1. spike and buffy
2 spike and dru
3 xander and anya
4 willow and oz
5 xander and willow i know they werent really a couple but i loved them together in season 3
Больше года deathtokennedy said…
xander and anya
spike and anya
willow and oz
willow and tara
buffy and spike
Больше года HouseofNightRox said…
1. Darla and Angel
2. Spike and Drusilla
3. Spike and Buffy
4. Giles and Jenny
5. Xander and Cordy
Больше года randompersonx said…
1. Willow and Kennedy

Didn't like anyone else.
Больше года smckinlay2 said…
1. Buffy and Angel
2. Willow and Oz
3. Xander and Anya
4. Xander and Cordelia
5. Spike and Drusilla
Больше года rogueslayer17 said…
1.Willow & Tara
2.Buffy & Angel
3.Willow & Oz
4.Spike & Buffy
5.Xander & Anya
Больше года J-C said…
1. Buffy & Spike.
2. Wilow & Tara.
3. Willow & Oz.
4. Xander & Anya. (Sucked it ended!)
5. Buffy & Riley.
Больше года klarly said…
1. Buffy and Angel!! (Totally agree with whitv91, every time anyone in the show even mentions Angel I want Buffy and Angel back together!)
2. Buffy and Spike (not even close to Bangel, but I like them a lot too :)
3. Spike and Dru (just loved Dru's character!)
4. Willow and Oz
5. Xander and Cordellia or Xander and Anya (can't decide which I liked more yet...)

My least fav was Buffy and Riley, they just didn't work. Buffy needs someone who can take care of themself or their just another person she has to protect. Plus towards the end he seemed really selfish to me.
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Больше года nneellliii said…
1. Buffy and Spike OTP
2. Willow and Oz (I love them A.LOT.)
3. Xander and Anya
4. Giles and Jenny
5. Giles and Joyce
Больше года zimgircupcakes said…
1. Willow and Tara
2. Anyanka and Xander
3. Buffy and Spike
4. Buffy and Angel
5. Spike and Drusilla