Баффи — истребительница вампиров Иконка CONTEST!!! {Round 10 OPEN}

shannon9396 posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 01:13PM
Hi Buffyfans! I see that the last weeks this spot has become active again and I am very happy of it! As many of you know a contest is already happening in the Buffy spot [Best word to describe contest] and many fans take part in it.
So, I decided to make a new contest which is called "Icon of the week contest".

The rules are very simple;
Each week I will give you a theme and you have to make or find an icon based on that theme. After seven days I will make a pick where you can vote for the icon you like the most. The winner will receive props and his name and icon will be announced in this forum and in the spot's images.

1. Don't put more than one icons
2. Don't put the same icon with other users
3. Don't vote for yourselves

Round 1 Season 1 WINNER; adwbuffy
Round 2 Season 2 WINNER; Klema
Round 3 Season 3 WINNER; nevermind606
Round 4 Season 4 WINNER; Jennifer1985
Round 5 Season 5 WINNER; adwbuffy
Round 6 Season 6 WINNER; lauren1102
Round 7 Season 7 WINNER; Jennifer1985
Round 8 Buffy Summers WINNER; Melissa93
Round 9 Willow Rosenberg WINNER; jemgrl323

Current theme; Xander Harris


(You can put any icon representing Spike)
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