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“Of course, Ты could smash in all my toes with a hammer and it will still be the bestest Buffy Birthday Bash in a big long while.”
I wrote this Статья and dedicate it to Buffy Summers, Happy 31st birthday Buffy! The beautiful, blonde, chosen, and heroic Buffy Summers is the slayer, she was born January 19th, 1981 and died May 15th, 2001, her body rested for 147 days until Willow, Xander, Tara, and Anya resurrected her, and now Buffy lives! Buffy was chosen to be the slayer at age 15 in the год 1996, blah blah blah enough of me giving Ты fun facts that Ты probably already know read on...
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Reasons Why Любовь We Spuffy!

1)Because she only dates hot dead guys.
2)Because when he first saw her dancing at the bronze, he couldn't take his eyes off her.
3)Because he's loved her ever since the first time he saw her.
4)Because he wants to save the world.
5)Because they're in a band.
6)Because maybe she hates him, but he's all she's got.
7)Because he knows love's a funny thing.
8)Because she brought him Главная to meet her mom.
9)Because he called her cutie.
10)Because he's love's bitch.
11)Because she can't fool him for some reason.
13)Because her new boy's got, what's the word? Vulnerability.
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I'm here to discuss our first rewatch based on your Избранное Buffy' couples.. Like Bangel, Spuffy, Cander, Xanya, Willara, Willoz etc...

I'm not taking Debs idea in the beginning of last years idea. I was thinking this out and thought it would be a great idea to share your Избранное couple and how they first met on the show. So I was thinking of making rewatch marathon on relationships that Ты Любовь so much from our Избранное tv Показать Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Heres an example: I got started on marathon from my friend here on Fanpop!.. We decided on a Spuffy Marathon and decided on our favorite...
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 Whats gonna happen next?
Whats gonna happen next?
Эй, BuffyVerse & AngelVerse fans,

You may know that I put a new event that give Ты all the opportunity to write your very own FanFiction. I created a Форум called link. Also for some people that saw my orginal idea that I tried my best on creating a Spuffy FanFiction but didn't work. So with The Scoobies Awards that the lovely ArabellaElfie designed for all Фаны to nominate there избранное from Both shows. With great success of that, Katie (ArabellaEflie) agreed that its time for FanFiction.


1) Pick a couple/slash couple, the timeline can be anywhere или the finals give Ты a little...
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 Энджел Buffy Spike
Angel Buffy Spike
Well I had a lot of thoughts about the Показать coming back on. I have been Чтение a lot Статьи and the web about Season 8 of Buffy is coming on television.Well,Joss Whedon have been preparing the comics and the series together to get Показать back on air. The stars from the Показать want the Показать back, and they been hearing about Season 8 . They thought that the season 8 was a great success for the show. Then there was a problem. The Paley festival on Buffy Reunion Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't feel like playing her character on season 8, She founds out that her character becomes gay in the series....
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