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angel1395 сказал(-а) …
Hi was wondering if someone could help me. i finished Чтение Angel: After the Fall and of course loved it and of course i want to read more. ive heard that Aftermath is quite bad. but what about the continuing series after that such as The Wolf, The Ram and the Hart and Only human? Are they worth reading? i know they are not written или plotted by Joss whedon though. Thoughts? Опубликовано Больше года
Astropherik сказал(-а) …
Fuck ya picking up season 8 long way Главная today :)
Ha watched btvs since I was 11 Опубликовано Больше года
neilandcobie сказал(-а) …
I Любовь Bangel I HATE SPUFFY but Spike and Dru are AWESOME XXX Опубликовано Больше года
Astropherik прокомментировал(-а)…
Man I don't like Энджел and cordy Больше года
Astropherik прокомментировал(-а)…
Pfft cordy ans connor , pretty crazy Больше года