Goku: Gohan. Get to the ship. If Puccalo dies. This would of been all for nothing..
Gohan: Wow. This is Serprisingly thought out for you.
Goku: (sternly) Gohan.. Where should Ты be wait now?
Gohan: ... This shi-
Goku: THE SHIP!!

Reditiz: (explaining what Гоку is)
Goku: .. What?
Reditiz: Plus I am your brother
Goku: What?
Reditiz: You.. Fell on your head as a baby didn't you?
Goku: ... What?

Piccolo: We're here to stop the senseless slaughter of these people.
Frieza: 92..
Piccolo: This has gone on for too long. And now Ты must suffer.
Frieza: 355..
Piccolo: And we're the ones who will stop you!
Frieza: 419..
Piccolo: What are Ты doing!?
Frieza: Sorry. I just hear these heroic speeches so much I keep a mental Список of how many times I heard certain lines.
Piccolo: Ты insane basterd!
Frieza: 192..
Piccolo: Yeah, we'll.. I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR FACE!!
Frieza: Ohh, hoho... 12..

Goku: The doctor сказал(-а) I'll be for a while. What with shattered ribs. Broken bones.. And the brain damage.. And the brain damage.. And the brain damage.. Oh Эй, master. When did Ты get here?

Goku: That was close.. Was nearly out of frying pan and into the.. Lava.
Frieza: ....... How do Ты function!?

Guy: What do Ты want!?
Frieza: Oh. We're just visitiors. Traveling b- WHAT THE FUCK DO Ты THINK!? We're here for the dragon balls!

Frieza: Meet my friend. MR MOUNTAIN!! (fires mountain at Goku)
Goku: Hello mr mountain. My name is- (gets crushed)

Krillin: Goku, Ты can't die.. Here. I brought a sensu bean.
Goku: I don't think that's gonna work.
Killin: Why not?
Goku: I kinda have a hole in my esophagus..
Krillin: Wait.. Then how are Ты breathing?.......... Goku?

Goku: Sweet! I should go after him.
King Kui: NO! Don't go after Frieza.. He way beound anything Ты know.. He destoried 100's of planets and killed thousands of people!
Goku: (excited squeal)
King Kui: Stop it! Stop getting excited!

Vegeta: Say good by to your precious planet!
Goku: That's not very nice!!