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maryam1311 posted on Feb 20, 2011 at 03:57PM
Hey Candice fans,
A couple of days ago I made a pick asking if you wanted an icon competition, and 100% of you said yes! So here it is =)

All you have to do is post an icon based on the theme I say...
The rules are simple:
1. You can only post ONE icon,
2. You can't vote for yourself,
3. You have to MAKE the icon, not find
4. Stick to the theme!

You'll have 3 days to post your icon, then I'll make a pick to decide the winner!

Winner gets props.

Round 1-candice with Red hair
Round 2-candice and nina dobrev
Round 3-candice as Caroline
Round 4-your favorite candice icon
Round 5-candice photo shoot
Round 6-Candice Black and White icon
Round 7-Candice in any movie/show
Round 8-Candice and a fan
Round 9-Candice with Blonde Hair
Winner-modernfan & el0508
Round 10-Candice funny icon
Round 11-Candice on the set of The Vampire Diaries
Round 12-Running errands in London
Winner- tvdlover
Round 13-Candice Shopping
Winner- modernfan
Round 14-Candice in Supernatural
Winner- Vampire_Orchid
Round 15-Candice and Friends
Winner- CullenSisters-X
Round 16- Candice and Michael Trevino
Winner: [now close]
Round 17- Candice with Dress
Winner: [now open]

 Candice fans, A couple of days назад I made a pick asking if Ты wanted an Иконка competition, and
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