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Tsubasa Chronicles?

i was Чтение a bit about Tsubasa and it sounds kinda like a spin-off Показать to CCS? there are the same character's in that Аниме too... apart from Kero and Yue...? i was wondering what exactly the Показать is about and if i should watch it now that i finished CCS again!!
 iceprincess7492 posted Больше года
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colem said:
I have not seen all of the Аниме but have read the entire Manga, though from what I have seen the Аниме follows fairly close to the manga. TRC is basically a crossover of many of CLAMP's Series. It is not a Spin-off of CCS and only once did I see Sakura from CCS. This takes place in an alternate universe... many actually. The Показать is about a journey for the one that is most Precious to the main characters.
I would highly recommend both watching the Аниме and Чтение the Manga.
though they both can get very confusing at times.
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posted Больше года 
oh okay, thanks!! i'll see if i can watch it!
iceprincess7492 posted Больше года
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