Caroline Forbes [OPEN] Caroline Quote Contest! :)

DelenaLover posted on Oct 20, 2010 at 08:07PM
This is how the game works. Each round will be centered around a certain episode/pairing. I will choose the category and all you have to do is post a quote by Caroline from that falls under said category.

The rules are simple:

1. The quote must fall under the category I've posted.
2. The quote/conversation must involve Caroline.
3. You may only post one quote per round.
4. No repeats.

I'm not going to go in order of episode. I may skip some episodes because of lack of scenes or because Caroline does not appear in a that episode. Each round will be open for 5 days after which a pick will go up that will be open for 3 days to vote for the best Caroline quote and the winner will recieve props :)

Sound good?

Round 1 : 162 Candles [Winner : Immortal_Kiss--> Caroline: Look dungeon boy I'm done being your little slave girl. You seriously hurt me and I will be damned if you think...[Damon compels her]Oh My god where have you been? It's really good to see you.]
Round 2 : History Repeating [Winner : DelenaLover--> Bonnie: I'm a witch. Caroline: And don't we all know it.]
Round 3 : Unpleasantville [Winner : CullenSister-X--> So what, is this like a threesome now? You and the Salvatore brothers?]
Round 4 : Caroline&Stefan [Winner : AshlyWolf--> Caroline: Isn’t killing cute defenseless animals the first step in becoming a serial killer?
Stefan: Well you sorta skipped serial killer and went straight to vampire.]

Round 5 : Brave New World [OPEN]
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