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Cas walked inside the same café he had been the night he found out Meg was human, too. He looked around and noticed to his great delight that the same three men were sitting at the same таблица as last time he had seen them there.
He stared at them, until they felt it and turned their heads to him. He smirked as if he wanted to say: ‘Come and get me’
He turned around and left the café. The three men looked at the bartender. “Come on, he’s asking for it” one of them сказал(-а) disbelieving. The bartender shot them a warning glance. He allowed it once, but not again.
“I will call the cops...
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Cas rubbed his eyes and looked at his friends. “I understand you’re a little overwhelmed” he started. “But I would really like to sleep now”
“Yeah, okay, we can talk tomorrow” Meg сказал(-а) with a warning look at Dean.
Cas walked to the single постель, кровати and started to undress. Then he realized the amount of eyes staring at him. “Are Ты all going to watch me sleep?”
“No, of course not” Sam сказал(-а) quickly. He put a hand on Claire’s shoulder. “We’ll take this young lady back home. Come on” he сказал(-а) Claire, but Claire pushed his hand away. She walked towards Cas.
“You killed my...
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The door opened again and Sam and Claire walked in.
“Nice color” Sam mumbled, referring to Meg’s hair.
“Gee, thanks” Meg сказал(-а) monotone. She looked at Claire, who looked back provocative. With two Winchesters at her arm she felt a lot еще confident. “When’s your dad coming?”
“Meg!” Dean reproached her. Meg pulled her shoulders. Dean conjured his phone and handed it to Claire. “You should call your mom, tell her you’re fine”
Claire dialed her Главная number. Her mother sounded very agitated when she answered the phone.
“Who is this?” she asked a little snappy as she...
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Meg opened the door of her room and saw Dean sitting where she had expected Claire to sit. “What are Ты doing here?” she asked, Актёрское искусство calm. “And where’s Claire?”
“Oh, she’s with Sam” Dean replied. “She’s fine, by the way, no thanks to you” He got up and walked to Meg. “Seriously, Meg, what were Ты thinking?”
“Hey, for the record, this was her idea” Meg defended herself. “She сказал(-а) I should tell her mother I’m keeping her hostage in exchange for Jimmy and I just figured it would be a lot еще convincing if I’d do it for real”
Dean shook his head, furious....
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The motel.
Claire was still tied onto her chair. She rubbed her hands, trying to free them, but all she managed to do was tighten the quick-release straps and cause her wrists to bleed. She went with her tongue against the tape to make it loose.
In the room Далее door Sam and Dean were trying to figure out the best way to approach Jimmy. Amelia might have сказал(-а) she hadn’t seen her husband, it was еще likely that she was hiding him from them. And even if she was speaking the truth, it would only be a matter of time before Jimmy would try and contact his family.
Claire managed to loosen the tape...
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“Claire, when Ты get this, please call me back. I’m not angry with Ты for taking the car without asking. I’m just really worried” Amelia said, trying to stay calm. Claire had pretended to be listening to her IPod, while those morons were questioning her about Jimmy’s whereabouts. Jimmy and Amelia had been upstairs and by the time they were back down, Claire had taken the car and left.
She hung up and went to the кухня to make some tea. When it was ready she took the чай upstairs and walked inside her bedroom.
Five минуты later the sound of breaking фарфор was heard on the floor....
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Meg opened the door of her motel room and pushed Claire inside. They had introduced their selves to one another while shopping for hair products.
“Sit down” Claire ordered and Meg raised her eyebrows. “I can’t dye your hair while you’re standing”
“You know how to do it, then?” Meg asked careful. She wasn’t vain, but she didn’t want to look like an idiot either.
“Please, I’ve done it a thousand times” Claire insured Meg. “You can trust me”
Meg reluctantly sat down on a chair and Claire unpacked the hair dye shampoo. She prepared the shampoo and then went standing...
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Dean parked his car at the first motel they came across with. “Wait here” he сказал(-а) as he opened the door and stepped out. He closed the door and walked to the motel.
A few минуты later he returned to the Impala and Sam and Meg got out.
“We got two rooms” he said.
“Yeah, go guys go ahead” Meg mumbled. “I just need to take care of something” She eyed the car that was positioned a few yards away from them.
“Alright” Dean сказал(-а) a little suspicious. “Here are your keys” He threw them at Meg and she caught them with one hand. Deciding to let Meg handle whatever is what that...
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Dean parked the car in front of the driveway of Jimmy’s house and stepped out, Sam and Meg doing the same. They walked to the door and Dean rang the bell. Meg tried to look inside, and noticed a teenage girl lying in the couch, listening to her iPod.
“Hi, Ты probably don’t remember us” Dean said, when the door opened and Amelia, Jimmy’s wife, appeared. “I’m Dean, this is Sam and that’s Meg” Dean continued, with a nod at Meg.
“No, I know you’ Amelia прокомментировал(-а) fast. She seemed a little nervous. “Why are Ты here?”
“Eh, well, it’s kind of complicated” Sam took over...
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Since there was no way any of them was going to get any sleep, they packed their bags and loaded the Impala. Dean placed himself behind the wheel, Sam sat Далее to him and Meg on the backseat.
“First stop: Pontiac, Illinois” Dean said, as he started the engines and drove ahead. As they drove Dean turned on the radio to break the silence.
Meg stared out of the window. She felt utterly powerless. Had she still been a demon she would’ve just zapped herself to him. But then maybe she wouldn’t have felt this way and she wouldn’t even bother to go find him.
Maybe this was a sign. Maybe she was supposed to let go and go back to her old life.
No!, she reproached herself. You’re not going back to killing for fun. Ты didn’t get this far to throw it all away. You’re going to find Cas and get him back.
“Everything okay, there?” Dean asked.
“Yeah, I’m good” Meg replied with a mischievous smile.
5 am
Dean entered the кухня and saw Meg sitting at the table, with a cup of coffee.
“You’re up early” he mumbled. Meg looked up. “I get it” Dean added. “You never went to sleep”
Meg shook her head.
“Yeah, me neither” Dean replied soft. “So, eh, what are Ты going to do now?”
Meg shrugged and stirred her coffee.
“You know what I сказал(-а) when Cas told me he loved me? I told him to shut up. I never сказал(-а) it back” she сказал(-а) sober.
“I’m sure he knew that” Dean сказал(-а) careful.
“It doesn’t matter” Meg replied sharp. “He’s gone. There’s no need for me to be human...
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Dean opened the door and followed Jimmy outside.
“Hey, wait a minute!” he yelled.
Jimmy stopped and waited patiently for Dean to catch up with him.
“Where’s Cas? What did Ты do to him?” Dean asked trembling and furious.
“Don’t worry, he’s alive. He’s in here, somewhere. We switched places” Jimmy explained dark.
“I thought Ты were dead” Dean snapped hostile.
“Clearly Ты didn’t pay much attention. Castiel сказал(-а) I wouldn’t age или die. I’ve been stuck in my own body for ages and it’s time Castiel knows what that feels like” Jimmy replied bitter.
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Anna opened the door of Cas’ room and let Meg in. She was wearing a hospital рубашка and her eyes were red and swollen. Anna signed at Dean and he followed her outside.
“Has Meg told Ты about her condition?” she asked careful. Dean frowned and shook his head. “She was pregnant”
“Pregnant?” Dean repeated as if he’d never heard of the word.
“Was” Anna said. “She just had a miscarriage”
“Did I kill Cas’ unborn child?” Dean asked, shocked by the fact that Meg could get pregnant.
“Yeah, looks like it” Anna replied merciless. She gave Dean one last reproaching look,...
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Ten минуты later the door opened and Meg appeared in the doorway. Cas’ сердце jumped up, but Dean walked to the door and pushed Meg outside.
“What are Ты doing here?” he hissed.
“Sam called me. He сказал(-а) Cas was wanted to see me before he died. Are Ты really going to deny him his last wish?” Meg asked disbelief.
“It’s for his own good” Dean сказал(-а) heartless and he grabbed Meg’s arm, dragging her to the stairs, leading to the ground floor.
“For his own good? He’s dying!” Meg exclaimed.
“And who’s fault is that? You’re the one that introduced him to Heather. Ты let...
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Dean drove full speed ahead, crossing a few red lights. Cas was lying on the backseat, unconscious.
“Dean, slow down, you’re getting us all killed” Sam сказал(-а) accenting his words. Dean chose to ignore him and parked the Impala in front of the hospital. He pulled the key out and stepped out. He opened the door to the backseat and dragged Cas out. With Sam’s help he carried him inside the hospital. Since Dean was too much in shock, Sam explained to the doctor what happened.
About an час later, the doctor came to them and they could tell from his expression that he didn’t have good news....
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“Dean!” Sam exclaimed when he saw Dean sitting on the floor, his hands tied. He kneeled and freed his older brother.
“I’m going to kill him!” Dean snapped.
“What happened?” Sam asked frowning.
“Cas has gone crazy. He attacked me. He’s totally nuts” Dean explained furious. He tried to calm himself by taking a few deep breaths.
“Dean, we have to find him. He’s not himself” Sam сказал(-а) sharp. “I’m going to start calling people”
“You’re not calling that demon” Dean replied in a threatening way. Sam, who didn’t know who else to call, put his phone away. “I’m...
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Heather and Isabel were sitting at the кухня table, having a cup of coffee. Heather had insisted on wanting to know why exactly Isabel had been fired from the police department.
Isabel was about to reproach her cousin for her way of making money when the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang.
“I’ll get it” Heather сказал(-а) fast, glad she wouldn’t have to comment. She walked to the door and was slightly surprised to see Cas in the doorway.
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” Heather сказал(-а) and she stepped aside. She walked him to the kitchen. “Do Ты want some coffee?”
“No” Cas replied, looking straight...
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Dean opened the door of the house, wondering if Jo was there, too, или if she had returned home.
“Sammy?” he called, assuming Cas would be asleep. He walked to the кухня and saw Sam sitting with his head in his hands.
“What happened?” Dean asked sharp, already regretting the fact that he left.
“We asked Anna to read Cas, to see if he was being possessed” Sam started tired.
“We?” Dean asked, though he had an idea.
“Meg and I” Sam confirmed Dean’s suspicion. “She’s not here anymore” he added quick when he saw Dean’s face change. “He’s not being possessed. But...
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Meg took Cas’ scarred hands in hers and looked at them closely.
“Where did Ты leave the bandage?” she asked.
“Bathroom” Cas mumbled numb.
Meg let go of him and climbed off the bed. She left the room and headed to the bathroom. She opened the door and held her breath.
Cas pushed himself up and stumbled out of bed. He staggered to the window and opened it. He looked down and tried to figure out the best way to fall down. He had to be dead, not crippled.
Meg cleaned up the blood and collected the bandage, before she went back to Cas’ room. She opened the door and dropped the bandage....
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Cas was lying on the bed, his head on Meg’s lap. Anna was also in the room, after Sam had summoned her. There was only one thing left to do. Anna would have to read Cas to see if he was being possessed.
“Are Ты sure Ты want to do this?” Anna asked soft. Usually she wasn’t so reluctant, but this wasn’t just anyone. This was Cas, her brother. She didn’t want to hurt him.
Cas nodded and Anna came closer to him. She placed her hand on his belly and looked at Meg. “Distract him” she сказал(-а) and she stuck her hand inside Cas’ stomach.
Cas gasped and Обои of Zoey tearing his insides out flashed before his eyes. Meg took his hand and he clenched her fingers. It hurt, but Meg didn’t pull away.
After a минута Anna withdrew her hand.
“He’s not being possessed” she said.
“What? But that’s impossible” Meg replied astonished.
“He’s not being possessed, Meg” Anna repeated, almost apologizing. And without another word she left the room.