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AlexandraKelly posted on Dec 11, 2011 at 01:11PM
Lyrics by Stana Katic:

Hey blue eyes, tomorrow became yesterday
What was will never be felt again
I fell in love with you
Over a smile so gold, I was through
Where did you come from, why did you come from there
Got yourself a woman, do I even care
I want you to want me, the way that I want you
Ain't it strange how god fixed a plan
To want the world to find solace in the bodies of a woman and a man
Come to me close boy, take my hand
And we'll fly off to a magic land

What do you think to who she write this??

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Больше года slhens23 said…
Hopefully castle!
Больше года nikkiheat93 said…
castle ,he is her boyfriend !
Больше года Jescal said…
Больше года jag20069 said…
Castle. I think they should have her sing it on the show.
Больше года Teiggys said…
I think that Stana Katic is perfect , she has gotten her amazing voice is so beautiful and gorgeous , she will always be my #1 girl ( singer - Hey Blue Eyes ) she is so sweet and special !!