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LovingLucy posted on Feb 19, 2012 at 08:15PM
This is the game where you ask a question and think of an imaginary answer. EG: Why is Piper given the ability to freeze? Because she has the nicest nails!

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Больше года LovingLucy said…
IMAGINE: Where does Phoebe get her visions from?
Больше года HaleyDewit said…
Mister Sandman gives them to her.

Imagine: Why do Whitelighters orb the way they do?
Больше года LovingLucy said…
Their center core is made of sparkles.

I'll re-ask.

Why is Piper given the power to freeze?
Больше года buffyl0v3r44 said…
because she is the goddess of ice(get it freeze)

Why is Cole a demon?
Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
because he made a deal with the devil.

Why Does Darryl Help The Charmed Ones?
Больше года LovingLucy said…
He is in secretly love with one.

How is it that the Lady of the Lake came to pass? (Charmed season six, Sword in the Stone)
Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
A Mystical Portal Opened

Why Was It "Against The Rules" To Have A Whitelighter/Witch Baby?

Больше года buffyl0v3r44 said…
because the baby would mutate and they were afraid of that(whenever I think mutate I think X-Men and how everyone is afraid of them even though they do so much good)

why does there have to be 3 Charmed Ones?
Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
Because 3 is a magic number

Why Did Prue Die?
Больше года LovingLucy said…
Because death cheated and took her life with pride, against the rules.

How is it that Paige didn't know she had a magical power?
Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
Her Memory got erased when she was young.

Why did Paige magically switch bodies with Phoebe?
Больше года Charmed_Luver said…
Eventhough she told Phoebe she didn't like Cole, she REALLY wanted to smooch him up.

Why was Wyatt orbing his eyes out?
Больше года LovingLucy said…
He discovered himself to be blind and orbed in new eyes.

Why does Phoebe levitate?

Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
Because Phoebe is The only person who has zero-gravity

Why did Leo get frozen?
Больше года thomascromwell said…
so he can live longer.

why is cole evil
Больше года boothcrazy425 said…
because he accidentally picked up a crystal that made him evil

Why did Drake make a deal with Cole in season 7?