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twilighter4evr posted on Apr 16, 2013 at 08:21PM
Here are the Results for previous rounds of the Charmed Screencap Contest :)

Season 1 Results
(1x01)Season 1, Episode "Something Wicca This Way Comes"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd piperleoforever, 3rd Charming_angel
(1x04)Season 1, Episode "Dead Man Dating"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd flowerdrop & friendsfan101, 3rd HaleyDewit & LovingLucy
(1x05)Season 1, Episode "Dream Sorcerer"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd InnerMoppet, flowerdrop & Charming_angel
(1x09)Season 1, Episode "The Witch Is Back"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop & LilyRoeScott, 2nd Charming_angel
(1x10)Season 1, Episode "Wicca Envy"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, LilyRoeScott, LovingLucy, 2nd KaterinoulaLove, mimialliwell, PiperFanatic
(1x12)Season 1, Episode "The Wendigo"
Winners - 1st InnerMoppet, 2nd HollyCombsLove, 3rd haley_scott
(1x13)Season 1, Episode "From Fear to Eternity"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott & HollyCombsLove, 2nd makintosh, PiperFanatic, KaterinoulaLove, 3rd flowerdrop & Charming_angel
(1x16)Season 1, Episode "Which Prue Is It, Anyway?"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd HaleyDewit
(1x17)Season 1, Episode "That 70's Episode"
Winners - 1st HaleyDewit, 2nd mimialliwell, 3rd (tied) casandanna & Magy25
(1x19)Season 1, Episode "Blind Sided"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd KaterinoulaLove, 3rd HollyCombsLove & flowerdrop
(1x20)Season 1, Episode "The Power of Two"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd sheerika, 3rd LovingLucy

Season 2 Results
(2x01)Season 2, Episode "Witch Trial"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd LilyRoeScott, 3rd KaterinoulaLove & PiperFanatic
(2x02)Season 2, Episode "Morality Bites"
Winners - 1st sheerinandamian, 2nd Charmed_Luver, 3rd LilyRoeScott, Loving Lucy & sheerika
(2x03)Season 2, Episode "The Painted World"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd mimialliwell, 3rd friendsfan101
(2x07)Season 2, Episode "They're Everywhere"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd Magy25, LovingLucy
(2x08)Season 2, Episode "P3 H20"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd HollyCombsLove, 3rd KaterinoulaLove, flowerdrop & makintosh
(2x09)Season 2, Episode "Ms. Hellfire"
Winners - 1st HaleyDewit, 2nd Charming_angel, 3rd (tied) flowerdrop & LovingLucy
(2x10)Season 2, Episode "Heartbreak City"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd HaleyDewit
(2x12)Season 2, Episode "Awakened"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd HollyCombsLove & KaterinoulaLove, 3rd makintosh
(2x14)Season 2, Episode "Pardon my Past"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd mileycyrus01, 3rd (tied) Charming_angel & House_Anatomy
(2x15)Season 2, Episode "Give Me a Sign"
Winners - 1st KaterinoulaLove, 2nd Charming_angel & HollyCombsLove, 3rd CharmedFan4eva_ & makintosh
(2x18)Season 2, Episode "Chick Flick"
Winners - 1st Nicolas97, 2nd HollyCombsLove & sheerika, 3rd flowerdrop
(2x19)Season 2, Episode "Ex Libris"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd Magy25 & mellyhalliwell
(2x20)Season 2, Episode "Astral Monkey"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd HollyCombsLove, 3rd InnerMoppet & Charming_angel

Season 3 Results
(3x01)Season 3, Episode "The Honeymoon's Over"

(3x02)Season 3, Episode "Magic Hour"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel & KaterinoulaLove, 2nd 80s-Gal & makintosh, 3rd flowerdrop
(3x03)Season 3, Episode "Once Upon a Time"
Winners - 1st KaterinoulaLove, 2nd makintosh, 3rd LovingLucy & mimialliwell
(3x04)Season 3, Episode "All Halliwell's Eve"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, HollyCombsLove, flowerdrop & ViennaTang, 2nd PiperFanatic
(3x05)Season 3, Episode "Sight Unseen"
Winners - 1st LovingLucy, 2nd Charming_angel, 3rd Magy25
(3x07)Season 3, Episode "Power Outage"
Winners - 1st KaterinoulaLove, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd HollyCombsLove
(3x09)Season 3, Episode "Coyote Piper"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd HaleyDewit, 3rd Charming_angel
(3x10)Season 3, Episode "We All Scream For Ice Cream"
Winners - 1st sheerika, 2nd Charmed_Luver & HollyCombsLove, 3rd flowerdrop & sheerinandamian
(3x13)Season 3, Episode "Bride and Gloom"
Winners - 1st KaterinoulaLove, 2nd Charming_angel, 3rd ViennaTang
(3x15)Season 3, Episode "Just Harried"
Winners - 1st buffy10v3r44, flowerdrop & LovingLucy, 2nd HaleyDewit
(3x16)Season 3, Episode "Death Takes A Halliwell"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd KarinaCullen
(3x18)Season 3, Episode "Sin Francisco"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd HaleyDewit
(3x21)Season 3, Episode "Look Who's Barking"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd sheerika, 3rd LovingLucy

Season 4 Results
(4x03)Season 4, Episode "Hell Hath No Fury"
Winners - 1st makintosh, 2nd KaterinoulaLove & PiperFanatic, 3rd Charming_angel, HaleyDewit, HollyCombsLove & LilyRoeScott
(4x05)Season 4, Episode "Size Matters"
Winners - 1st LovingLucy, 2nd mimialliwell, 3rd HaleyDewit
(4x06)Season 4, Episode "A Knight to Remember"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd 80s-Gal, 3rd flowerdrop
(4x08)Season 4, Episode "Black as Cole"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd HollyCombsLove & InnerMoppet, 3rd Charming_angel & LilyRoeScott
(4x09)Season 4, Episode "Muse to my Ears"
Winners -1st Charming_angel, 2nd flowerdrop & HaleyDewit 3rd LilyRoeScott
(4x10)Season 4, Episode "A Paige from the Past"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd HaleyDewit, 3rd CharmedFan4eva_
(4x11)Season 4, Episode "Trial By Magic"

(4x15)Season 4, Episode "Marry-Go-Round"
Winners - 1st makintosh, 2nd Charming_angel, HollyCombsLove, PiperFanatic, & flowerdrop, 3rd ViennaTang & 80s-Gal
(4x16)Season 4, Episode "The Fifth Halliwell"
Winners- 1st Charmed_Luver, 2nd LovingLucy, sheerandamian, 3rd LilyRoeScott 
(4x17)Season 4, Episode "Saving Private Leo"
Winners - 1st LovingLucy, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd LilyRoeScott
(4x18)Season 4, Episode "Bite Me"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd HaleyDewit, 3rd flowerdrop

Season 5 Results
(5x04)Season 5, Episode "Siren Song"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd (tied) casandanna & flowerdrop, 3rd (tied) HollyMarie & piperleoforever
(5x05)Season 5, Episode "Witches in Tights"
Winners - 1st sheerika, 2nd LilyRoeScott, 3rd flowerdrop,LovingLucy & sheerinandamian
(5x06)Season 5, Episode "The Eyes Have It"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop & LilyRoeScott, 2nd 80s-Gal, KaterinoulaLove & makintosh, 3rd HollyCombsLove & LovingLucy
(5x07)Season 5, Episode "Sympathy for the Demon"
Winners - 1st LovePiper, 2nd Charming_angel & flowerdrop, 3rd CharmedFan4eva_
(5x08)Season 5, Episode "A Witch in Time"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop & InnerMoppet, 2nd LovingLucy, HollyCombsLove & LilyRoeScott
(5x09)Season 5, Episode "Sam I Am"
Winners - 1st Katerinoualove, 2nd HollyCombsLove & makintosh, 3rd Charming_angel & LilyRoeScott
(5x13)Season 5, Episode "House Call"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel, 2nd InnerMoppet, 3rd flowerdrop, HollyCombsLove, KaterinoulaLove & PiperFanatic
(5x17)Season 5, Episode "Lucky Charmed"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd piperleoforever
(5x18)Season 5, Episode "Cat House"
Winners - 1st KarinaCullen, 2nd flowerdrop & LilyRoeScott, 3rd Charming_angel & LovingLucy
(5x22 & 5x23)Season 5, Episodes "Oh My Goddess Part 1 & 2"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd HollyCombsLove, makintosh, LovingLucy, ViennaTang 3rd Charming_angel, LilyRoeScott, HaleyDewit

Season 6 Results
(6x03)Season 6, Episode "Forget Me...Not"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd mimialliwell, 3rd Charming_angel & HaleyDewit
(6x06)Season 6, Episode "My Three Witches"
Winners - 1st KaterinoulaLove, 2nd mellyhalliwell, 3rd Charming_angel, flowerdrop, HollyCombsLove & LilyRoeScott
(6x07)Season 6, Episode "Soul Survivor"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd HollyCombsLove, 3rd flowerdrop, KaterinoulaLove, & ViennaTang
(6x10)Season 6, Episode "Chris-Crossed"
Winners - 1st KaterinoulaLove, 2nd flowerdrop & mimialliwell, 3rd HollyCombsLove
(6x11)Season 6, Episode "Witchstock"
Winners - 1st Charming_angel & flowerdrop, 2nd piperleoforever, 3rd HaleyDewit & mimialliwell
(6x12)Season 6, Episode "Prince Charmed"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd Charmed_Luver, LilyRoeScott, Magy25, 3rd sheerika
(6x16)Season 6, Episode "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father"
Winners - 1st piperleoforever, 2nd LovingLucy, 3rd HaleyDewit
(6x18)Season 6, Episode "Spin City"
Winners - 1st Nicolas97, 2nd HollyCombsLove & sheerika, 3rd flowerdrop
(6x21)Season 6, Episode "Witch Wars"
Winners - 1st flowerdrop, 2nd HollyCombsLove, 3rd Charming_angel

Seaon 7 Results
(7x01)Season 7, Episode "A Call to Arms"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd Charming_angel, 3rd HaleyDewit & LovingLucy
(7x04)Season 7, Episode "Charrrmed!"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd LovingLucy, 3rd Charming_angel
(7x05) Season 7, Episode "Styx Feet Under"
Winners - 1st sheerika, 2nd LilyRoeScott, 3rd LovingLucy
(7x06)Season 7, Episode "Once In A Blue Moon"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd LovingLucy, 3rd makintosh & HollyCombsLove
(7x08)Season 7, Episode "Charmed Noir"
Winners - 1st Magy25, 2nd LovingLucy & sheerika
(7x09)Season 7, Episode "There's Something About Leo"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd Charming_angel, LilyRoeScott, makintosh, 3rd damongirlfriend, flowerdrop, KaterinoulaLove
(7x11)Season 7, Episode "Ordinary Witches"
Winners - 1st LovingLucy, 2nd (tied) Charmin_angel & piperleoforever, 3rd (tied) HaleyDewit, Magy25 & mimialliwell
(7x15)Season 7, Episode "Show Ghouls"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove & Charming_angel, 2nd LilyRoeScott & flowerdrop
(7x16)Season 7, Episode "Seven Year Witch"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd HaleyDewit & piperleoforever, 3rd CharmedFan4eva_, Charming_angel & LovingLucy
(7x17)Season 7, Episode "Scry Hard"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove & PiperFanatic, 2nd LilyRoeScott & makintosh, 3rd ViennaTang
(7x21)Season 7, Episode "Death Becomes Them"
Winners - 1st sheerika, 2nd flowerdrop, LovingLucy & Nicolas97, 3rd sheeriandamian

Season 8 Results
(8x01)Season 8, Episode "Still Charmed & Kicking"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd Magy25, 3rd sheerika
(8x03)Season 8, Episode "Run Piper Run"
Winners - 1st 80s-Gal, 2nd Charming_angel & makintosh, 3rd flowerdrop & HollyCombsLove
(8x06)Season 8, Episode "Kill Billie, Vol 1"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove & flowerdrop, 2nd friendsfan101, PiperFanatic, Charming_angel, InnerMoppet
(8x07)Season 8, Episode "The Lost Picture Show"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove, 2nd Charming_angel & flowerdrop, 3rd KaterinoulaLove
(8x10)Season 8, Episode "Vaya Con Leos"
Winners - 1st HollyCombsLove & makintosh, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd KaterinoulaLove
(8x12)Season 8, Episode "Payback's A Witch"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd piperleoforever, 3rd Charming_angel & HaleyDewit
(8x13)Season 8, Episode "Repo Manor"
Winners - 1st LovingLucy, 2nd mimialliwell & piperleoforever, 3rd Charming_angel
(8x14)Season 8, Episode "12 Angry Zen"
Winners - 1st LilyRoeScott, 2nd HaleyDewit, 3rd flowerdrop
(8x17)Season 8, Episode "Generation Hex"
Winners - 1st LovingLucy, 2nd LilyRoeScott, 3rd sheerika
(8x19)Season 8, Episode "The Jung and the Restless"
Winners - 1st mimialliwell, 2nd Charming_angel, 3rd (tied) HaleyDewit & Magy25
(8x21)Season 8, Episode "Kill Billie, Vol 2"
Winners - 1st CharmedFan4eva_, 2nd flowerdrop, 3rd HaleyDewit & Charming_angel
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