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KaterinoulaLove posted on Jun 04, 2010 at 12:26PM
Well this game made me laugh hard for many minutes xD I found it on the fanpop spot and credit goes to link ;)
It's pretty simple and pretty funny <3

whoever posts the last post is the winner...that is....until the next person posts, so it's a constant post-a-rama until a winer is declared!
I thought that it mustn't missing from our spot!

So to make it related to charmed we'll say why we win,and the reason has to be related to charmed!

And I just came up with a new idea !!How about making a list with some awesome memorable quotes that have been told by us..!?
so here:
by Ellen:
-I win because if I don't I'll lose and that's just not an option.
-I win because losing is not in my dictionarry.
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