KataraLover's Статья "My 10 WORST Animated Фильмы of ALL TIME" actually inspired me to do this. It was actually harder then I thought it would be since I have so many favorites. But I decided I would just do my вверх 10 and make it simple, so here it goes:

10. The Little Mermaid

Ever since this movie came out I have loved it. The Музыка and Анимация and the fact there are mermaids...it was just awesome! My opinion of Ariel has changed since I grew up and became a mom, but I still Любовь the movie for the entertainment. My daughters watch my VHS version and they have a DVD version too. Oddly this one does not get played very often, but when it does I will sometimes sit and watch it with them. It once use to be my #1 Избранное movie and I used to watch it all the time...my Избранное part is the lagoon scene and the "Kiss the girl" song!

9.A Despicable Me and B Rio

A. This movie was super cute and funny and I really enjoyed watching it with my girls and my husband. The three little girls in the movie actually remind us of our three (they are very similar). I have watched it several times and have not gotten bored with it yet, which is good since my girls Любовь to watch it a lot too. My Избранное line in the movie is "It's so FLUFFY!"....and I just adore the minions and Gru is pretty awesome too.

B. This movie was very colorful and funny and I loved the music. Another good movie I Любовь to watch with the family. We Любовь to have "dance parties" when this movie is playing. This is another Избранное that gets watched over and over! Our Избранное scene is when Blu is trying to get close to Jewel and they are being serenaded by Nico and Pedro (that whole scene has us all cracking up...LOL).

8. Robin капот, худ

What a great movie from my childhood! My brother even had a game based on this movie (I think my mom still has it). It has great characters and I Любовь the music. I do not have a Избранное scene because I Любовь the whole movie! I have it on VHS for the kids, but one день I hope to have it on DVD and I am sure it will get watched a lot! I have always enjoyed the character of Robin капот, худ and I have to say this is my Избранное version of the story. My kids and husband also Любовь this classic!

7. Spirited Away

This was the секунда Hayao Miyazaki film I watched and I absolutely fell in Любовь with it. Before I had kids I used to watch it over and over! Both the Анимация and story are beautiful and I Любовь the characters! My oldest daughter and husband both like this movie too, but I think it is still a little too "scary" for my youngest two. I look вперед to Показ it to them one день though.

6. Wall-E

I found this movie simple and sweet and I Любовь the plot. It teaches about taking care of your environment and truly enjoying the simple things in life as well as not taking things for granted. Wall-E might not talk but he shows tons of emotion with his simple gestures and little sounds. I Любовь the beautiful "love" story between him and Eve and even my husband has teared up at the end of this movie when he sacrifice himself to save everyone else. Me and my whole family Любовь this movie and my oldest daughter is old enough to understand the message it gives and truly gets what it is about. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

5. Princess and the frog

Tiana is my Избранное DP and I Любовь the retelling of this story. The Музыка is really great in this movie too. My oldest was a little freaked out by the voodoo man , but besides that we all enjoy this movie. Great Анимация and character development abound in this film. My Избранное character besides Tiana was луч, рэй and that scene is always sad for all of us to watch.

4.A. How to train your Dragon and B. Spirit

A. This movie was very funny and quirky. I Любовь Драконы and I found this very entertaining. This is another great family movie and it has us laughing the whole way through.

B. This was another beautiful and simple film that my whole family enjoys. I like how it is narrated by the horse and that it is so simplistic yet filled with drama. It is a great story and very сердце wrenching

3. Tangled

Rapunzel has always been one of my Избранное fairytales so I was super excited when this came out. Rapunzel is my секунда Избранное princess and I Любовь how spunky and Храбрая сердцем she is. Flynn is my Избранное Prince and Pascal is my Избранное sidekick. The story is great, the Анимация is beautiful, and the songs are super catchy. My husband will also sit down and watch this DP movie with us. The only problem me and my husband had with this one is the "mother knows best" song....I have сказал(-а) some of those things to my girls and try to keep them safe, but I explained to them that Gothel really did not Любовь Rapunzel and that I do Любовь them and am not lying to them and that thugs do not usually sing and dance and are not always good people. But в общем и целом, общая we Любовь this movie and find it very entertaining!

2. A Monster in Paris

Ever since I saw this movie not long назад I have loved it! Me and my family have watched it several times and will most likely watch it several еще times. Hopefully one день I will own it! The Анимация is great and the Музыка is awesome. this is another great "dance party" movie. The story is beautiful and this is another one that brought tears to mine and my husbands eyes. Just mentioning this movie has got the songs stuck in my head.

1. Howls Moving замок

This is my Избранное Hayao Miyazaki film as well as my Избранное animated film. I read the book and The movie is a lot better! The Анимация is beautiful and I Любовь everything about it. My daughters get a little freaked out by parts of it but I still just enjoy watching it by myself или with just my husband. The whole movie is awesome!

After I watch Храбрая сердцем I may need to rewrite this because it looks like it will be awesome! Hope Ты enjoyed Чтение this as much as I did Письмо it!