I'm still making a video (so Ты can see the poise and grace in action!), I'm just making an Статья just in case my video gets blocked because Youtube is a bitch, so I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't cause problems.

I know not everyone might not agree with me, but the good thing about this, is that we all have an idea on what elegance is and I was giving points on poise, grace, appearance, class, how they act, and the impression they left on me. I needed a lot of help with this. I've asked and googled and this is what I came up with. I had a really hard time ranking the characters, so the final Список might end up being bullshit, so this is the final draft before the video (which I can fix). While I know this Список is bad, I'm happy I'm one of the first to do something like this! (It gives me creativity points which I value a lot!) Also at least I gave a good balance to both genders and used characters from different worlds. (Also I'm going to it two per franchise) Ты don't know how many times I had to rewatch clips of these characters!

20) Pocahontas
It's either a hit или miss with her.I know there are lots of people that don't think Poca is elegant, but I honestly think she really is! So what if she doesn't wear a fancy dress?! She's definitely statuesque and has a strong sense of dignity and poise.

19) Duchess (The Aristocats)

Aaaannndddd the award to the most elegant animal is none other than Duchess! Кошки are pretty elegant creatures if I do say so myself. She's mature and knows how to be lady like. She can also play the harp very beautifully. Just imagine what she'd be like if she were human.

18) Prince Hans (Frozen)

Of all the Дисней princes, the most refined one of them isn't one of princess' men, but a villain! Yeah, when I first saw Frozen, Hans made Anna and I swoon with how princely he is. The way he talks is so polished. He sure knows how to put on an act.

17) Asami Sato (Avatar:The legend of Korra)

Sophisticated Wardrobe? Check. Statuesque? Check. Luxurious Living (Formerly at least)? Check. Elegant? Double Check. While Asami goes through a lot of struggles, she never loses her class.

16) Mika Hyukuya (Seraph of the End)

While a lot of the Вампиры in the series are pretty elegant, Mika stands out the most. Not only does he have an aesthetically pleasing elegant appearance, he moves, dresses and speaks really elegantly.

15) Queen Elsa (Frozen)

As a queen, it's pretty much a requirement for Elsa to be elegant. Have Ты not seen how poised she is and how graceful she is with her powers? Even so as a kid. She's still got an anxious side to her though. Also she's a the most elegant CGI character I've seen.

14) Narsus (The Legend of Arslan)

Narsus is a character I wouldn't even know existed if it weren't for this list! From the moment I saw him, I could already tell that this man is really sophisticated and graceful. His fighting style is really graceful and always dignified. When he gets mad, he quickly goes to being his honorable self, well from the little of what I've seen.

13) Cinderella

I know many of Ты might be shocked to see her pretty low in this list, but while she of course, is a very elegant woman, I'm just not as blown away with her elegance as I am with others. Ya feel me? Anyways she's sophisticated, graceful, a great dancer, and always a lady. I find it really interesting how even though she's treated as just a servant to the Tremaines, she's much еще elegant than any of them combined.

12) France (Hetalia)

Considering that Хеталия is mostly comedy with some slapstick humor, there are actually a couple of elegant characters in there! Also since French people are stereotyped as being really sophisticated, of course France will be. He's elegant, sexy, stylish, suave, and when is that man not twirling with the greatest of ease? He has his silly moments though.

11) Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Okay, so I've never seen Fruits Basket, but the people that have seen сказал(-а) it think Yuki is super elegant and when I finally got to see some clips of him, he really is! He's always addressed to as Prince Yuki, has a calm, soothing voice, and he acts really proper. He's the blue oni to his cousin's red oni. I mean of all the Chinese zodiac animals, he's a rat? He might of ranked even higher if I'd watched the Показать he's in.

10) Austria (Hetalia)

When I think of Austria, I don't really think of elegance, but then again, it's a country I don't know much about. APH Austria however, is. Unlike his relatives, what he lacks in strength, he makes up for for in elegance. He fits the princely young man and elegant classical musician trope to a tee. According to France, Austria's looks and poise give him a certain je ne sais pas. He's also been described as being delicate.

9) Odette (The лебедь Princess)

Now this is the part that starts gets really hard with the rankings! I remember after many years of not watching ''The лебедь Princess'', I noticed how elegant Odette was. She's really refined and has a lovely, soft voice. It's hard to believe the elegant princess you're seeing in front of Ты was once a dorky and feisty kid. While her movie is from the 90's (and not Disney), she's the only princess who's level of grace is up there with the princess from the classic era! Not to mention she transforms into one of the most elegant creatures, a swan! Whether she's a лебедь или human, she always has the grace of a swan.

8) Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Everyone can agree that Aurora is the most elegant Дисней princess and that no elegant Список is complete without her in it! Being a princess is no match for her, she has the elegance fit for a queen! Also there's no way in hell she's 16. Don't even get me started on that beautiful, opera voice! Girls at that age aren't very elegant (and the vast majority people nowadays). Ты can say her poise is beyond her years! I'm just еще blown away with the elegance of a few other characters.

7) Ursa (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Thought she was extremely elegant from the moment I saw her! She's a pretty mysterious character, but, it's easy to tell what a regal and beautiful woman she is. She's mature and tall which is worth are a lot of elegance points and she has both! Unfortunately I can't even describe how elegant she really is, but she's high up there and without a doubt the most elegant Аватар character!

6) Griffith (Berserk)

Where do I even begin?! Just look at him! Whether it's his divine, ethereal angelic beauty, elegant fighting style, way of speaking, and excelling at social graces, Griffith's elegance blows my mind away. He's the noble male to Gut's roguish male. Like Hans, he does a good job at fooling people with how refined he is. Out of all the antagonists I've seen, I'd say he's the most elegant. He's just so natural at being graceful. It's a shame he's a real monster though. He's as fucked up a he is elegant which he is extremely at both.

5) Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan)

Right from the moment when I first saw him in the first episode, I was like, ''Woah! This guy super poised and elegant!'' It's probably the reason why I think he's the most attractive guy in the series. He just seems so poised to me. He's well mannered and just gives off a really elegant aura. He looks really graceful when he's riding a horse. He's also statuesque and mature, which I mentioned before is worth a lot of points. He's also based of an elegant character too (Adrian Veidt), so there's that.

4) Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn)

We all saw this coming! Like Griffith, she has an ethereal, majestic beauty to her. Before she was Amalthea, she was a unicorn, a creature that's equally majestic and graceful. If you're going to personify a unicorn they have to be elegant! I'm sure the rest can speak for itself.

3) Opal (Steven Universe)

Despite the unfortunate, super short screen time she had, everyone was quick to notice how elegant and graceful she is! Opsl looks like a goddess. She's statuesque and has really graceful moves. She's also got a really calm and harmonious voice. While it makes sense she's a Pearl fusion, it's hard to believe she's also an Amethyst fusion! A guess when Ты fuse a ballerina and a slob, Ты get the perfect balance of harmony. I'm hoping I can see еще of Opal and her grace.

2) Sebastian Michaelis (The Black Butler)

Seeing that the Аниме takes place in Victorian England, it's expected that you'll see some elegant characters and the most elegant character is Sebastian! Even though he's a demon, he's always polite and classy, even when he's being brutal. Everything he does is performed in a really graceful manner. His graceful beauty has people lose their minds. There's also the way he dresses, speaks, and the fact that he's extremely tall with long limbs. Even though his morality lies in the grey area, he's a real gentleman! Ты can't get any еще wicked cultured than this. Besides if he weren't so elegant, what kind of butler would he be?

1) The Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)

The moment you've all been waiting for! I've been thinking long and hard who the most elegant character is and the final conclusion has come; The Blue Fairy is the most elegant animated character I've seen. She's mature, beautiful, tall, and graceful through all of her screen time. She's full of radiance. She's the picture of refined elegance, at least to me.