Did some thinking about how many beautiful animated females there are so I decided to do an Статья on it!

10. Allura

Любовь her hair color and eyes! I largely prefer her tan skin as well, but the way her hair cups her face as well as her chin are the parts I don't really like about her face. Other than that I like all of her aspects especially her eye shape which I think is pretty under-appreciated.

9. Kida

Another tan Queen with light hair! I absolutely Любовь her face shape though, her lips are so nice as well and her eyes really pop. I'd say the only thing that keeps her lower is her hair, it looks like a mop, like a used and cut-up old mop, it doesn't suit her face very well, but she's still so pretty. Her nose could use some work, but like I сказал(-а) nearly every other aspect to her is beautiful.

8. Yue

She had such a small part in the Аватар series that it actually hurt. She was the only pretty female character in that series until Suki. I absolutely loved her face shape and her hairstyle, her lips are pretty and her eyes are not necessarily special (they're standard for that show), but they're cute as well. And this might sound weird, but I adore her eyebrows, they're actually white yet also kind of thick for such a light color, I Любовь them. If only her character wasn't so whiny, I can really see how Sokka fell for her!

7. Storm

We Любовь a good goddess of the sky. She's definitely еще traditionally beautiful than the others I've chosen. I remember one of my Друзья saying that she looked like the black version of Aurora, which is kind of true, but she definitely has a еще pronounced jawline and a better eye shape in my opinion, also her lips are fuller and еще peachy rather than pink. I really Любовь Storm's look, she's just so aesthetically pleasing I have no idea how she's not my number one.

6. Queen Tara

Even though Epic had some subpar graphics I always thought Tara was really pretty, I think she definitely looks better when she's moving on screen though because some of her still shots make her look like a man. Either way her features are really nice she has high cheek Кости while still having еще of a square face (which I prefer a round или square face) I Любовь her skin color as well as her light hazel eyes, they really compliment each other and it looks pleasing. I'd say her lips are a weird shape when she's not smiling, but when she does smile she's stunning. She actually looks a lot like Leila Lopes, the Miss Universe 2011 winner.

5. Tzipporah

Tzipporah and Tara were tough to place because they both have the features I like, but I think I placed Tzipporah higher simply for the Анимация style. Not only is she in 2D, but she also wears her hair down and just plainly has еще sex-appeal. She's always struck me as gorgeous and I just had to choose her over Queen Tara.

4. Asenath

Come through Egyptian goddess! I could gush over my вверх four picks so much. I Любовь Asenath, from her face shape, to her make-up, her hair, her lip shape, I like it all! Her lip color is slightly dark, but I really don't mind because altogether she looks amazing. I especially like her eyes!

3. Polly Henry

Could Ты say underrated? I guess she's part of a Дисней short so not many people give her recognition, but she is, like, super pretty. I want to say she's Tiana 2.0, but I ranked Tiana higher than her on this list. Classic African American beauty, her proportions are perfect. She definitely fits into that model of having the perfect pretty features found in most Дисней movies.

2. Tuya

I mean the picture speaks for itself. She has all the features I like and a лебедь neck. She for some reason reminds me a lot of бренди in the way her face is modeled. I really like the shape of the lips, face, and eyes. The only thing I could say is that her nose is kind of non-existent, but she's absolutely stunning so let's not get picky.

1. Tiana

She's like the black version of Belle, especially when Ты consider the ponytail and hazel eyes, only bonus: she has dimples. Tiana is absolutely adorable so I had to put her on top, I think the other's in my Список have had aspects of cute while still being pretty like Yue или Kida, but Tiana definitely incorporates both descriptions the best. Her skin is to die for (especially since it's a warm tone) and I Любовь her face shape. It kills me to think about how pretty her and Naveen's Дети are going to be (since he's also my handsomest prince). Dreams do come true in New Orleans starting with Tiana's genetics!

Lol, I hope I didn't ramble too much. I dislike describing features because I never really know what to say, but I hope my point came across and it wasn't just a slew of "yes queen's" hope Ты enjoyed Чтение my article! Feel free to tell me what Ты think. I know these choices aren't really what you'd usually find for a вверх ten.