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 жасмин and Аладдин
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Энджел - Rock & Rule - 1983

The narration at the beginning of the film states, " the war was over the only survivors were улица, уличный animals,dogs,cats and rats. From them a new race had evolved ". Then the narration states that in 1983, there was a nuclear World War 3, that has wipe out humanity and destroyed the world in mutated Животные have replaced humans. Mok, an aging yet legendary rock musician is Поиск for very special voice that can unleash a powerful demon from another dimension. After traveling the world looking for the right voice, he returns to Ohotown his hometown.

Angel - She is...
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Goldie - Rock - A - Doodle - 1992

A story about a Chanticleer, a rooster who crows every morning so the sun comes up, until one день Chanticleer was attack by another rooster and forgets to crows. But after the sun doesn't come up this made everyone to leave him and this cause the rain. So now he is going to the city and forget all of that stuff at the farm and to make it big.

Goldie - She is the Любовь interest of Chanticleer and a singer. At first she was jealous of his success and his spotlight. She is also ordered by Pinky to keep him distracted from loneliness. After Chanticleer gets back Главная to the farm, immediately she leaves the Показать biz behind and remains at the farm with Chanticleer forever:)

The End!!:)

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