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posted by AlexSelenaRules
 Your Body <3
Your Body <3
Came here tonight to get Ты out of my mind,
I'm gonna take what I find. (uh oh, yeah)
So open the box, don't need no key I'm unlocked.
And I won't tell Ты to stop. (uh oh, yeah)

(Hey boy)
I don't need to know where you've been,
All I need to know is Ты and no need for talking.(hey boy)
So don't even tell me your name,
All I need to Know is whose place,
And let's get walkin'.

All I wanna do is your body.
Ooooh oooh oooh oooh.
Tonight's your lucky night, I know Ты want it.
Ooooh oooh oooh oooh.

All I wanna do is your body.
Ooooh oooh oooh oooh.
Tonight's your lucky night, I know Ты want it.
Ooooh oooh oooh...
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Low Ticket sales rumors for tour...
Low Ticket sales was NOT the cause of her postponing the tour despite rumors.

Bad день for summer tours. First U2 has to call curtains on its shows, now Christina Aguilera is putting the kibosh on her own U.S. trek, postponing her planned 20-date tour until Далее year.

The reason? She's got too much work to do to, Ты know, work.

"Christina Aguilera's summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments that the singer had made to her film Burlesque and to the promotion of her new album Bionic," tour promoter Live Nation сказал(-а) in a statement.

But don't cry...
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 Christina in "Moulin Rouge" getting ready to sing "Lady Marmalade"
Christina in "Moulin Rouge" getting ready to sing "Lady Marmalade"
Wheres are all my soul sisters?
Let me hear Ты flow sisters

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister
Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister

He met джем, мармелад down in ol' Moulin Rouge
Strutting her stuff on the street, yeah
She said, "Hello, Эй, Joe
You wanna give it a go?", oh! uh huh

Gitchy gitchy ya ya ta ta (hey Эй, hey)
Gitchy gitchy ya ya here (here)
Mocha chocolata ya ya (ooh yeah)
Creole Lady джем, мармелад (ohh)

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, (ce soir)
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? (ooh)
He sat in her будуар while she freshened up
Boy drank all that магнолия wine
On her...
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 Фан Art of the song cover
Fan Art of the song cover
I'm not cocky
I just Любовь myself

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the flyest сука of them all?
Never mind, I am
That сука is so fucking pretty
Yeah I am
If I were her I would Kiss me (hey!)
Mirror mirror on the wall
Hit up prince charming
Tell him give me a call
Never mind, screw him
Cause I found somebody better
Never mind, screw him
I'll make myself so much wetter (wetter, wetter, wetter)

Every день I see myself I Любовь me even еще (it's me I adore)
Ain't nobody got shit on me, I'm the best for sure (ma chere amore!)

V is for vanity, every time I look at me
I turn myself on, yeah
I turn myself on, yeah...
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 Cover Art for the Song
Cover Art for the Song
Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud Ты were but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today

I would hold Ты in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank Ты for all you've done
Forgive all your mistakes
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To hear your voice again
Sometimes I want to call Ты but I know Ты won't be there

I'm sorry for blaming Ты for everything I just couldn't do
And I've hurt myself by hurting you
Some days I feel broke inside but I won't admit
Sometimes I just want to hide 'cause it's Ты I miss
You know it's so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this...
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 Album Art for the Song
Album Art for the Song
What a girl wants
What a girl needs
What a girl wants
What a girl needs
I wanna thank Ты for giving me time to breathe
Like a rock, Ты waited so patiently
While I got it together
While I figured it out
I only looked, but I never touched
'Cause in my сердце was a picture of us
Holdin' hands, making plans and lucky for me Ты understand

What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever makes me happy sets Ты free
And I'm thanking Ты for knowing exactly
What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever keeps me in your arms
And I'm thanking Ты for giving it to me
Yeah yeah

What I want is whatcha got
And whatcha...
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posted by christian0010
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 Cover Art for the Song
Cover Art for the Song
Ah, dirrty (dirrty)
Filthy (filthy)
Nasty (Christina), Ты nasty (yeah)
Too dirrty to clean my act up
If Ты ain't dirrty
You ain't here to party (woo!)

Ladies (move)
Gentlemen (move)
Somebody ring the alarm
A огонь on the roof
Ring the alarm (and I'm throwin' elbows) [7x]

Oh, I'm overdue
Give me some room
I'm comin through
Paid my dues
In the mood
Me and the girls gonna shake the room

DJ's spinning (show your hands)
Let's get dirrty (that's my jam)
I need that, uh, to get me off
Sweat until my clothes come off

It's explosive, speakers are pumping (oh)
Still jumping, six in the morning...
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He-hey he-hey ohh
Oh yeah
Well alright

What is this feeling coming over me?
I'm taken back in disbelief
Is this really me, ha! in the mirror I see?
Staring back at me:
Could it be? A new reflection of a woman complete

All of a sudden I'm so care-free (well alright)
'cause Любовь is doing something strange to me (well alright)
Got a new flame, ha! haven't been the same
Something in me's changed, rearranged
And I feel that I've been saved

You got me feeling like you're that something I've been missing
Everything's heaven 'cause life with Ты has been a blessing

(Oh-oh oh-oh)
I got it bad in a serious way,...
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 Cover Art (Made by me) for the Song
Cover Art (Made by me) for the Song
Something Ты should know about Infatuation Lyrics

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Artist: Christina Aguilera Lyrics

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He comes from a foreign place
An island far away
Intrigues me with every Переместить
Til I'm breathless, I'm helpless
Can't keep my cool
Steals my сердце when he takes...
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 Album Art Cover for the song
Album Art Cover for the song
Come on over, come on over baby,
Come on over, come on over baby
Come on over, come on over baby
ya ya ya ya,
Come on over, come on over baby

Hey boy don't Ты know I got something going on,
I got an invitation don't Ты keep me waiting all night long
I know Ты know, Ты know, so baby don't
pretend Ты wont keep me guessing if ya
you will Ты wont dont want to play a game with Ты baby

All I want is Ты
Come over here baby
All I want is Ты
You know Ты make me go crazy
All I want is Ты
Now baby don't be shy youd better пересекать, крест the line
I wanna Любовь Ты right cuz all I want is Ты

Come on over,...
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In the four years between Back to Basics and her brand-spanking latest effort, Bionic, Christina Aguilera has not only time-traveled several decades, but also taken quite a stylistic detour, from vintage soul and jazz to neo-futuristic electro-pop. Now, we could interpret this Переместить a few different ways, not the least of which has a whole lot to do with the emergence (and eventual world domination) of Lady Gaga (herself often compared to Aguilera) and Aguilera's desire to remain culturally and commercially viable after her maternity leave. In many ways, however, Christina's cyborging of herself...
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 Album Art for the song
Album Art for the song
Slow down baby
Slow down baby
Slow down baby
Slow down baby
Slow down baby

Whoa yeah (Slow down baby)
Oooh (Slow down baby)
Hey (Slow down baby)
Whoa ooh (Stop. Slow down baby)

I can tell that you're into me, uh
Baby it's so plain to see
I can see it in your eyes
You're paralysed
Every time I pass Ты by

You're the kind that gets your way, uh
Every minute, every single day
I can see it all in your face
You're blown away
Coz I don't want Ты in my space

You're struttin' 'round here like Ты think that I can't do without you
You got some nerve to think that I would give up everything

Slow down baby
And don't...
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What we're gonna do right here is go back
Way back, back into time

Yeah, yeah-yeah

(Donny Hathaway, Leena Horne)
(Miss Aretha, (The Real Thing) James Brown, Billie Holiday)
(Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Louis Armstrong)
(Minnie Riperton, Otis Redding, Etta James)

Back in the day, they used to say
Play that song, get it going, and the band played
And still today, Ты hear us say
Play that song all night long, Mr. DJ
Though times have changed,
It's still the same
We all need a минута to get away
So let it go and feel the flow
If you've got soul, let the world know

We're gonna set the mood (set the mood off...
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Oohhh, Yeah, Oooh Huh
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face
& Nobody's gonna bring me down today
Been feeling like nothings been going my way lately
So I decided right here and now that my outlooks gotta change

That's why I'm gonna
Say goodbye to all the tears I've cried
For everytime somebody hurt my pride
Feeling like they won't let me live life
& Take the time to look at what is mine

I see every lesson completely
I thank God for what I got from above
I believe they can take anything from me
But they can't succeed in taking my inner peace
They can say all they wanna say about...
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Once upon a time there was a girl
In her early years she had to learn
How to grow up living in a war that she called Главная
Never know just where to turn for shelter from the storm
Hurt me to see the pain across my mother's face
Everytime my father's fist would put her in her place
Hearing all the yelling I would cry up in my room
Hoping it would be over soon

Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same
And I still remember how Ты kept me so afraid
Strength is my mother for all the Любовь she gave
Every morning that I wake I look back to yesterday
And I'm OK

I often wonder why I carry all...
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Fashion is a lifestyle, it's a choice
It's a freedom of expression
You have to live it, Ты have to Любовь it
You have to breathe it
Life's all about Любовь and glamour

Let's get glam
Let's get glam

Walk, turn, pose, stop, give 'em what Ты got
Work those hips, side to side, get that angle right (right)

Paint your face like a movie queen
A naughty dream или a fantasy
Anything goes, gotta be the scene
Create your look, out a fashion book
Ready, set, now go

Let's get glam, don't let the clothes wear you
Let's get glam, it's all in how Ты move
Let's get glam, don't let the clothes wear you
Let's get glam,...
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 Cover Art for the Song
Cover Art for the Song
Whoa, oh, yeah,

She was so young with such innocent eyes
She always dreamt of a fairytale life
And all the things that your money can't buy
She thought that he was a wonderful guy
Then suddenly, things seemed to change
It was the moment she took on his name
He took his anger out on her face
She kept all of her pain locked away

Oh mother, we're stronger
From all of the tears Ты have shed
Oh mother, don't look back
Cause he'll never hurt us again

So mother, I thank you
For all that you've done and still do
You got me, I got you
Together we always pull through
We always pull through
We always pull through
Oh mother,...
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Christina Aguilera

D.O.B: 18/12/1980
Hometown: Staten Island, New York, USA
Star sign: Sagittarius

From Mickey мышь ears to dreadlocks and piercings. Find out how Christina has managed to reinvent herself a gazillion times to become one of the most Популярное performers today.

Don't knock talent quests! That's where Christina Aguilera launched herself at age eight - on American TV Показать Star Search. She then spent her teen years in dance routines with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake as part of the Mickey мышь Club. Now she's a three time Grammy Award winner and has sold over 25 million albums...
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 Image from the Official Музыка Video (Christina)
Image from the Official Music Video (Christina)
So-What am i not s'pposed to have an opinion?
Should i be quiet because i'm a woman?
Call me a сука (bitch) cause i speak what's on my mind
Guess it's easier for Ты to глотать, ласточка if i sat and smiled

When a female fires back
suddenly target don't know how to act
So he does what any little boy would do
Makin' up a few false rumors или two
That for sure is not a man to me
Slanderin' names for popularity
It's sad Ты only get your fame through controversy
But now it's time for me to come and give Ты еще to say

This is for my girls all around the world
Who have come across a man that don't respect...
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