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 Santa with Щенки and Котята
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This Рождество Обои might contain кошка, истинная кошка, кот, верный кот, and правда кот.

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Another Holiday season is upon us and Ты know what that means: break out the egg nog, light up the tree, put up the stockings, take out a секунда mortgage for the credit card bill and огонь up The Carpenter's Рождество album (turn it up to 11, will you?).

It also means it's time for another Список of Рождество video goodies.

So kick back and get ready to enjoy another batch of holiday fun. Oh, and in case Ты missed last year's Список be sure to check out link

So without further ado...

The Essentials
I'm reposting these from last year's Список because these are the items most people want to see....
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