Золушка Who would play Cinderella?

DreamyGal posted on Feb 19, 2010 at 02:09PM
If they were to make a new Cinderella live action movie, who do you think they would choose to play the parts?

Cinderella- Amanda Seyfried: She's pretty, petite, young & has a beautiful voice.
Prince Charming- Chris Pine: I just think he's cute :)
Evil Stepmother- Sarah Jessica Parker: I think she would be a stylish/spunky villain
Anastasia- Lindsay Lohan- She's a readhead & she already gets on my nerves lol.
Drizella- Rachel McAdams: I loved her character in Mean Girls, and I know she could pull off the mean/jealous stepsister
The Grand Duke- Owen Wilson: He's hilarious and would be a good choice.
Fairy Godmother- Amy Adams: She's sweet & lovable
 If they were to make a new Золушка live action movie, who do Ты think they would choose to play t

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Больше года ppv said…
hehe, I agree about Amanda & Chris, they'd be lovely together :)
Больше года ppv said…
Well Amanda will play, they decided. Now, who is Charming?
Больше года beauity said…
i would love to play her plus have whitney huston as my fairy godmother and have tisha arnold as my stepmother and have justin bieber as my prince