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 Peter and Wendy Kiss
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A Peter/Wendy фото manipulation I put together. Ты can view my art here also: link
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 The Дисней Princesses, merely a few of the Дисней heroines
The Disney Princesses, merely a few of the Disney heroines
A lot of people say that the Дисней heroines are bad influences on girls for a variety of reasons: they "teach girls that beauty is most important" and "you need a man to be happy" and "females always have to be damsels in distress" and plenty еще of the like. I disagree. Дисней heroines can teach all of us plenty of important lessons.

1. Be Yourself Despite the World's Opinion
A lot of the Дисней heroines didn't really fit into the norms of their society, but they never changed to fit into their communities better. Eventually, that would prove to be a very good thing.

*Ariel, who...
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