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phatpharaoh posted on May 02, 2014 at 01:09AM
So I can't figure out the name of a movie. All I remember is that it was an older movie and I somewhat remember the plot. The movie is about a director who is getting older so his work isn't as good as it used to be. The people funding his projects won't lend him any money because his ideas are bad or have been done before. He has his own writer who writes for him, but is getting older too and wants to retire. The directors secretary is in love with the director and always has been. One day the director tells the secretary to gather her things and leave the office because he has given up. As the secretary leaves, she turns around and shares how she feels about the director. The director then tells the secretary to repeat what she said to him because it was genius. The director is totally oblivious to what the secretary said to him, but takes the words she said and runs to the writer and turns it into a script. The people who are funding the idea love it. He then tries to find actors and actresses to play the two lead parts. During a rehearsal, the secretary repeats the same words that she said before to the director, but other than the actress, the secretary's acting is more genuine and believable because she is actually in love. So they can the main actress and us the secretary instead. That is all I remember. If anyone knows what movie this is that would be awesome!

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