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What do I do!??

To understand.
What do I do!?I miss her!I want her back!I'm nothing without Ты Shada!I want Ты to know:
You're not my friend,you never were.From the moment I knew you,We we're sisters!I Любовь you!(I'm not a lesbian!)I miss you!Please come back!Please!

What do I do!I miss her!I haven't seen her in 6 months!!I don't like to talk about this,But I need help!*CRYING*;( ;( ;(
 adaug posted Больше года
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LondonTea said:
It sounds like Ты made as much of an influence on her as she did on you, she won't forget you, she loves Ты too i can tell from the story, she needed Ты on her first день and Ты were there, thank you, the world needs еще Друзья like you, she will not forget.
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posted Больше года 
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