Courage,Jeff and Dale go back to Dale's фургон, ван to think of how they are going to get a Carmen back
Dale:I've got it! Lets bust in and sneak her out
Courage and Jeff look at Dale as if he has 3 heads
Jeff:That wouldn't work we would get caught and chained to the wall. Do u want that to happen
Dale:No but I have a better idea
Jeff and Courage:Go ahead
Dale:Why don't I go to door as Rusty Shacleford
Jeff:Maybe what to u think courage
Courage:(shrugs shoulders)
Back inside with Katz
Cajun fox:thats ur daughter!
Katz:yes Carmen is my child
Eutice:how come u never told us before stupid cat
Carmen:because he's a chicken
Back at the van
Jeff:well what are we gonna do we can't sit here all nite my butts already numb
Dale:suck it up my foots asleep
Courage:can u both just be quite I'm thinking
Jeff:ok mr grumpy pants
Courage:are u both ready
Jeff:ready as I'll ever be
Dale:hold on gotta grab the spray
Jeff:what's that for!
Dale:there faces
Jeff:(rolls eyes)
Courage:lets get in qnd out as fast as possible k
Jeff & Dale:we'll try!
They finally bust into the house
Carmen:Courage over here
Jeff:Courage u get Carmen me and Dale will get Cajun лиса, фокс and the old man
Eutice:who u calling old stupid boys
Jeff:really Dale REALLY
Dale:(sprays bug spray in Cajun foxes and eutice face) u just got sprayed
Courage:guys help
Katz:now I've got u right where I want u
Dale:oh no he's gonna kill courage
Jeff:hold on courage I'm coming (spray Katz in the face)
Courage:Thanks Jeff
Dale helps Carmen out of the cuffs and onto the floor
Carmen:dad are u ok
Dale,Jeff and Courage:HE'S UR DAD
Carmen:yes he is
Dale:what the hell I'm in a bad twilight zone
Jeff:me too
Courage:but how
Carmen:my moms a bat and he's a cat dad I forgive u
Katz:thank u i'll be fine go be with ur friends
Carmen courage Jeff &Dale are out side
Dale(lights a cigarette up):thats what I call kicking ass
Jeff:haha me too
Carmen:hey Dale would u like to go to the river with us Jeff u can too
Both:we'll be glad to come
Carmen:(kisses all of them on the cheeks)my Герои