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Brave:I planned something special today.
Courage:What is it?*Drinks water*
Brave:A DATE!
Courage:*spits out water* a WHAT?
Brave:A date!^-^
Courage:Ummm no offense but...I think its to early to do that.
Brave:Oh...I know how Ты feel...*Walks away sadly*
Courage:Wait no i didnt mean it that way!Oh what the heck i messed up big time.
Courage:*Goes to his best friend Jake for information*
Jake:(Dog i made up) Dude why did Ты say that? That will just screw things up!
Courage:I know but I went to Ты information on what to do.
Jake:Ok,Here is the simple way to make everything better,Give her some chocolates and red Розы and apologize.
Courage:*Goes where Храбрая сердцем is*
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 courage and corabella
courage and corabella
the things i do for Любовь and mrs corabella has log on
the things i do for love-who u
mrs Corabella -im part of no where i Переместить Далее door im a talking dog
the things i do for love-so am i u sound nice
Mrs Corabella:don't let me fool u
the things i do for love-well u sound so um
Mrs Corabella-like what
the things i do for love-well pretty
Mrs Corabella-aw thank u im Corabella
the things i do for love-im Courage
Mrs Corabella-thats a cute name wanna go get a bit to eat u can Показать me the town
the things i do for love-sure i can but i need my master truck for that my sweet is that ok with u
Mrs Corabella-just fine my Courage
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Courage and Carmen are out one night with there new friend Jeff. Jeff is a floating head!
Carmen:So Jeffrey where u from
Jeff:Glad u ask Carmen I'm from nowhere Kansas just like u guys this is my stop later guys
Courage & Carmen:Later Jeff
Miles down the road Courage and Carmen run into traffic
Carmen:Man,now we'll never make it to the river(Cincinnati River)
Courage:Oh we will gorgeous!
Carmen:And how?
Courage:Sweetheart must I remind u that u have wings!
Carmen:Oh yea I do don't I.
Courage pulls of to the side of the road
Carmen:Are u ready?
Courage and Carmen are on the вверх of the car
Carmen:Hold on Courage
They make it to the river just in time to watch the sunset
Courage:Um Carmen I have some thing to ask u
Carmen:Yes Courage
Just as courage gets to ask her Katz and Cajun лиса, фокс come out of nowhere along with Eustice!
Carmen:Courage help!
Courage:Hold on Carmen I'm coming!

To be continued...
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Brave:(Dog i made up)*Walks lonely*
Courage:Why do Ты look so sad?
Brave:My owners abandoned me and I have no one to spend some time with,Anyways whats your name?
Brave:Mine is brave.
Courage:Umm I know I only met Ты for like 2 минуты but...I think I like you.
Brave:*Blushes*Me too...
Courage:Want to go to my house?
Brave:You have owners?
Courage:Yes,Their names are Muriel and Eustace and we live at a farm in the middle of no where.
Brave:Why arent Ты with them?
Courage:Because they сказал(-а) I could walk on my own sometimes.
Brave:Ok,Can we go to your house now?
Courage:Ok. *Both walk to house holding hands*
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