(jenny as a kid)

duncan(kid): come on jenny! run fast!

jenny: i am!

???: come back here thiefs!

duncan: *sees a corner and runs to it* follow me jenny*

jenny: ok! *follows duncan*

(duncan and jenny runs to a corner and found out it was a dead end)

jenny:*angry* way to go! duncan!

duncan: sorry!

jenny: *thinks then pops an idea* *grabs duncan's hand and runs behind the dumpster*

???: *runs to the corner that duncan and jenny ran to* damn it! they got away! *runs back to his shop*

jenny: *looks up and sees that the man is gone*

duncan: is he gone?

jenny: yeah! *gets from behind dumpster*

duncan: *follows behind jenny*

jenny: promise me Ты won't have me still anything again?

duncan: ok i promise... in two weeks! *runs Главная with the three bags in his arm*

jenny: *smiles* wait for me! *runs behind him*

*both laughed and ran Главная at the same time*

jenny(now): it was the first time i ever stolen something. now i'm gonna tell Ты about the time when i first met duncan.

(two weeks before jenny and duncan украл, палантин from the mans shop)

jenny: *walks Главная from school*

duncan: *runs really fast and bumps into jenny* ouch!

jenny: watch where your going!

duncan: Ты watch where your going!

???: *from around the corner* i think i hear him around here!

duncan: *to jenny* uh, Ты need to hide me!

jenny: *grabs duncan's hand and runs to the dark side of a building*

???: *runs around the corner* he got away!

???2: damn!

*the two men leaves*

duncan: thanks for saving me!

jenny: no problem.

duncan: i'm duncan!

jenny: jenny!

duncan: weird name.

jenny: not as weird as duncan.

duncan: ha! yeah right!

jenny: hmph!

Duncan: wanna come over to my place?

Jenny: whatever.

Duncan: *laughs* race ya there! *runs off*

Jenny: *smiles then starts running behind him*

Duncan: *makes it home* i beat you!

Jenny: *stops behind duncan* whatever!

Duncan: don't Ты have to go Главная to your parents?

Jenny: *looks down* i don't have parents или a home, i'm just a улица, уличный kid.

Duncan: oh, sorry dude.

Jenny: it's ok.

Duncan: i can ask my parents if Ты can stay.

Jenny: really?

Duncan: yeah! i mean, yeah, whatever.

Jenny: *giggles*

Duncan: *walks in his house and talks to his parents*

~30 минуты later~

Duncan: *walks back to Jenny*

Jenny: So...

Duncan: *sighs and looks down*

Jenny: o-oh. *looks down* i guess i'll-

Duncan: *interrupts* Ты get to stay!

Jenny: *gasp happily* really?

Duncan: yeah, but Ты have your own room now.

Jenny: cool!

Duncan's mom: Ты kids come in now, it's time for dinner.

Duncan: that's my mom.

Jenny: yeah. *walks in duncan's house*

Duncan: *follows Jenny*

Jenny: so, what are we having today?

Duncan's mom: spaghetti!

Duncan: Yum!

Jenny: *giggles* i Любовь Spaghetti!

Duncan: me too!

Duncan's mom: *giggle* Ты two are adorable.

Duncan's dad: yeah, cute.

Duncan's mom: oh, just lighten up will ya.

Duncan's dad: fine.

Jenny: *whispers to duncan* are your parents always like this?

Duncan: *whispers back* sometimes.

Jenny: oh.

Duncan: *nods*

~after dinner~

Duncan's mom: time for bed!

Duncan and Jenny: aww, but why?

Duncan's mom: bed, now!

Duncan and Jenny: aww! *both walks upstairs in their rooms*

Jenny: *falls asleep*

~next day~

Duncan's mom: *wakes up Jenny* wake up sweetie.

Jenny: *wakes and and yawns* what is it?

Duncan's mom: it's time for school i got the perfect little dress for you.

Jenny: uh, i don't wear dresses

Duncan's mom: please? do it for me.

Jenny: oh, ok.

Duncan's mom: *smiles*

Jenny: *changes clothes and puts on the dress*

Duncan's mom: aww, Ты look so cute!

Jenny: i feel stupid.