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I Любовь to sing :) Tell me what Ты think?
colbie caillat
added by dorrit
hi okay i only thought of this today, do Ты think this story is worth developing? here is the dead basic idea i came up with when i was bored in class.

Theres a boy he is eight, he drowns in a river, but is possesed by a spirit called peter, this saves him. he recovers unusually fast.

bad things keep happening because when peter died he was in fear. so whenever peter feels fear (he shares the body with joshua) he causes people too die.

also joshua loves a ghost that dances in a forest that only he cuts through to get Главная fast. she dances under blossom as it falls. the Любовь story is actually...
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posted by emma-may
Who is this club for?

This club is for anybody and everybody who has somthing they would like to share, Ты can share anything as long as it is original of you. Uploads pictures Ты have done, vidios Ты have made или type storie Ты have written!

What can I add to this club?

well anything creative and original, here are somethings...

# Stories (anything Ты would Любовь to write about)

# Journalism/News Статьи (could be made up could be about real thing)

# Scripts (write movie scripts of Книги youve read или your own stories)

# Artwork (anything from sketches to 3d models)

# Music/Singing (upload...
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