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How did all of these Reid/Sammy "SS" Sparks ships get started?

I mean I know that Sammy is a cute kid and everything, but he was in one episode... ONE EPISODE.

Same with Allison Sparks. How is she so much еще important that any of the other rescued victims? Because IMO, she was the most boring of the victims and her rescue didn't make me emotional at all.

So, I'm just curious at how all of these "ships" started.
 mikfan9 posted Больше года
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Britotheanne said:
It was probably because Reid and Sammy had such a good connection. Not romantically though, that's creepy. D:
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posted Больше года 
sarabeara said:
There's only one person on Fanpop who ships these couples. It's that damn derrycke user. He/she is just great at spamming that shit EVERYWHERE.
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posted Больше года 
yeah.... this shipping makes no sense..... even in fanfiction it shouldnt be allowed,,,, reid is not a pedo and hes straight so this wouldnt be possible
foxybaby1392 posted Больше года
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