Мыслить как преступник CM episode/Fan Fiction Idea! Opinions Needed!

HouseAddict87 posted on Oct 31, 2010 at 07:23AM
Okay, so I have an idea for an episode of Criminal Minds and might incorporate it into my first ever CM fan fiction if I ever write it. I want your opinions on it if you do not mind. Okay so the idea is that the unsub is killing victims in horror movie style, think Freddy, Jason, Michael Meyers, The Scream killers, and so on etc. I haven't decided what state it would take place in yet. It would kind of be like the episode "Zoe's Reprise". I need to know if you as a CM fan think it's a good idea and if I should add a religious element to it or not? Any input good or bad will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Больше года Anna-Wee said…
Religious inputs are good bec they usually just try to do the mission as opposed to going on sprees.
Больше года HouseAddict87 said…
Okay thanks. I think I can work a religious aspect into the reason why the unsub kills his/her/their victims. Haven't completely decided if it will be a male or female or if it should be a team yet.