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renrae posted on Jun 14, 2009 at 11:36PM
Do you feel the need to rant about how much you do NOT like Twilight? This is the place. Please keep from saying offensive things (IE: Deliberately insulting Twilight fans or Stephenie Meyer.)

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Больше года Dearheart said…
Before anyone starts ranting, please go back to "Rules and Guidelines" and take a look. I've updated it with a special rule for the rant threads. Let me know if it's okay or if it could be improved at all. Thank you!

EDIT: "Deliberately insulting Twilight fans..." I agree. HOWEVER, if you were attacked or harassed by a Twihard, it's okay to rant about that too. Just no scathingly cruel insults or personal attacks, please! Don't stoop down to the level of the Twihard that attacked you; otherwise, you're no better. ;-)
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Больше года renrae said…
Yes, what Dearheart said. No personal attacks or unwarranted insults.
Больше года renrae said…
I get to be the first one to rant! *claps for me* This rant is a rant, it will be rant-y, if you are a Twilight fan, you may feel I have insulted your intelligence. Like the rules say, please send a message TO ME or take it up on the Twilighter Rants forum. (Note: The _ stands in for the spot name, because if I put it there you would be able to find it, and that would cause mega conflict.)

Anyway, I was happily browsing on a certain _ vrs. Twilight spot, when I come across an answer page. This person asked if one of the series was copying Twilight. When I voiced my opinion (About how Twilight was not copying it) , a Twilight fan came and attacked me. They basically decided that I did not like TWilight and so, for that reason, they had to CAPSLOCK me. I recieved backlash such as, 'your stupid', 'i cant believe u said that', 'you stupid _ geek, GTFO', 'we dont need you here go find some other spot', etc, etc.

I think I handled it well. But what really bugs me is that these people felt that they needed to blatantly insult me and tell me to leave, when I had just as much right to be there as they did. It was a 'vs' spot,after all.
Больше года Mermaid-Tail said…
One time someone did a pick asking if people thought the Twilight books were a bad influence on young women, it wasn't on a Twilight spot it was on the Female Ass-kickers spot and since that's a spot about strong women I think the question fitted.

First I have to say I was a bit annoyed that not one of the people who picked 'no' or 'it's a good influence' responded to the points made by people who picked yes. Many valid points were made as to why it sets a bad example and even the people who picked 'good influence' who commented didn't respond to a single point made about why it's a bad influence (my theory is they knew the points were true and that the books do set a bad example, but if that's right why pick an answer they don't agree with? and if they truly do think the books are a good example why not give their opinion about why our points aren't right?)

Then we get hit by some Twi-hards who rant (all, or course, in caps) about how stupid we are, how we just don't get it, how we should bow to the alter of Twilight because it's so popular and therefore must be the best thing ever. The comments have been removed so I can't directly quote (though I do remember them saying we couldn't judge or understand the Edward/Bella relationship because "Have you ever had a vampire for a boyfriend?" I didn't even know how to respond to somethig that silly) but they were extremely insulting and rude(and still didn't respond to any of the points we made)
Since the comments are gone so I can't directly quote them I think the best way I can give you an idea of what they were like is to quote from my response to them: "nobody who is young enough to spell the word like 'lyk' is old enough to use the word 'F***' "
Больше года Mermaid-Tail said…
Me again. I just wanted to get someone elses opinion of this because I'm not sure if this is just me being grouchy after a bad day.
There is a spot called the Buffy VS Twilight spot and someone asked 'Willow or Alice' and a user just commented "I don't know who Willow is but she can't be better than Alice" Er, Willow was in every single episode of Buffy so for this person to not know her she clearly hasn't seen even 1 episode of Buffy. What is the point of joining a spot comparing two things if you haven't seen both of them?
It's not possible to compare things if you've only seen 1 of them so to join the spot and vote for Twlight strikes me as being as bad as spamming because it's just voting Twilight for the sake of voting Twilight without really knowing what you're answering which stops there being any point in the spot and makes the answers meaningless. Sigh.
Больше года Dearheart said…
*patpats and sympathizes* That's very true. Did you try pointing that out to the, er...user? Granted it's probably pointless to try reasoning with her/him, but you never know. XD

And I'm here with a little rant of my own. Have any of you seen my anti Twilight videos (The Catalog, Twilight in a Nutshell and Normal Guy vs. Edward Cullen)?

If so, you'll probably agree that my Normal Guy vs. Edward video is the gentlest out of the three of them. Just today, this crazy, delusional Twitard comes and throws some nasty insults at me. Now of course, I'm never too bothered by Twitard insults; they're very lulzy and I like to have fun with them. On top of that, this person (her username is moonlight9283) is infamous on the forums. She is a very well-known troll who is NOTORIOUS for harassing anyone who dares to criticize Twilight and spamming anything anti related with vicious insults.

Anyway, I respond to her with a firm, logical rebuke. (Not that it would've done any good, but still...) And she continues cussing me out, flinging personal attacks left and right, claiming that "Edward is the ideal man", that I'm "ugly, bitter and lonely" which is why I must hate Twilight (WTH??), that I couldn't get a guy even if I tried, etc, etc...

*tired sigh* Finally I just pointed out that I respect people who like Twilight even though I don't agree with them, asked why she couldn't give me the same respect and wondered where all this hateful stuff was coming from. She hasn't responded yet, so I'm assuming she's given up.

You can see the comment war here. Though it'll probably just depress you, lol.


I'm not mad about her insults to me; I'm just mad that ALL she does is harass every anti-Twiligher out there. I've seen her troll countless other anti videos, many of which are not spiteful or cruel in the slightest, and the stuff she comes up with..!! She insults the military, wishes miscarriages on people, says that Twilight is the Bible, SMeyer is a goddess and anyone who hates Twilight is ugly and loveless, and she denies that anything she says is hypocritical or troll-ish. Seriously, WHY? Where is all this coming from? Why is she wasting her time and energy on something so spiteful and meaningless as cyberbullying? She must have very low self-esteem or something. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for her or wring her vicious little neck... >__>
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Больше года renrae said…
Another rant! Go me!

I was in the same spot I 'mentioned' above, and this time a different person got mad at me. Okay, it's getting annoying to type out the _ thing every time, so it was the Harry Potter vs Twilight spot.

Someone made a comment, which mainly consisted of: Twilight isnt a copyer i know im a big fan and i even know stephenie meyer! *collective gasp from Twilight fans* I was sitting here rolling my eyes. So I left, as a comment, 'I Love how you feel the need to defend your Twi-hard ness.' That MAY have been a bit out of line, but then the backlash comes in. 'GO TO H&$%, B@#$%' was one of them, and it has since been deleted, but the other stuff was along the lines of that only with less profanity. The only response Twitards seem to have when someone insults their series, or, even MORE gasp worthy, uses Earth logic on it, is 'Youre ugly', 'you're stupid', 'its popular so it must be good', 'i hate you', etc. And it ticks me off.
Больше года Mermaid-Tail said…
You know, I remember the days before Twilight became popular...back when I had some faith in humanity. Also, though I shouldn't be amused by Twi-hards being mean it always cracks me up when they say the only people who don't obsess over Edward Cullen are girls who can't get boyfriends, just because it's such anti-logic. Anyone who has an actual boyfriend doesn't need to spend every waking minute dreaming about someone who doesn't exist. While they're at home fantasising about Captain Sparkle-pants we're out with the actual people.

But hey, on the bright side for all us spinster-like girls with our crazy "I wont date a guy who kidnaps me rather than let me visit another guy" standards, once the Twi-hards have snapped up all those hunky psychotic stalkers only the fun normal not-insane guys will be left for us (if we can overcome the horrible curse that makes everyone who dislikes Twilight suddenly and inexplicably become ugly, lol)
Больше года renrae said…
Mermaid-tail, you are so right. Haha. What's funny is that they always say that the offender is "ugly", even though it makes absolutely no sense. :)
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
Hi, I'm DarkSarcasm and I have a problem.

*whispers* I'm kind of a Twilight fan. *shifty eyes*

I had a lot of trouble deciding which rant thread to put this in... and even tried to split it up... but I think it fits here alright. =P

I like to think of myself as a sane fan (about Twilight, anyway =P) - one of about 7 on Fanpop, I believe. Back in the day when there weren't so many insane fangirls, I ran across the Twilight Series spot and started stalking. It sounded pretty retarded, so I ordered the first book so I could know what I was talking about when taunting fangirls. =P Turns out, I liked it. Two books later, I'm waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out... not excited like I'd be over a new Harry Potter book, but still. When I finished the series, I got my cousin hooked... and ended up creating a 28 year old fangirl. Sorry, world. =P

I went with the fangirl cousin to see the movie on the night it opened. I'm just going to say this once: EPIC FAIL. Once the movie made it big, the fandom exploded and millions more became 'ZOMG TWILITES #1 FAN'. It pains me to talk about it.

I'd already started avoiding the Twilight Series spot by the time the movie came out, but I thought that maybe the insanity might be contained to the internet. Don't ask where I got that crazy idea, lol. On the night of the premiere, I was surrounded by squee-ing 12 year olds... The ones close to us in line, though, piped down on the fangirlyness and focused their efforts on glaring at me after I may or may not have done my best "ZOMGILUVEDWARDDDD!" screech & flail. ;)

I may go out of my way occasionally to mock a fangirl... it's instinct. But I must say, as a whole... the Twilight fandom is insane (so I don't feel bad about the things I do =P). I'm not going to get into all the psycho stuff they do because I don't want this forum to go up in flames, but can I just say... WTF is wrong with them?

Basically, I don't have a problem with the books. The movie sucked, but I'm not too bothered with it, I don't have to watch it again. My biggest problem is with the fans.

*decides to end on a positive note*

I still like the books. They are easy to get into, they're entertaining, and it's nice to see Bella screw up everything instead of me for a change. My favorite things about the books are the secondary characters - Emmett & Alice top my list, at the moment. They're funny, they care about their family, and they're not completely insane. Sure, they sparkle, but I'm gonna let that slide. =P
Больше года renrae said…
I actually read a fanfic where someone made all of the redeeming characters traditional vampires. The results were hilarious.

On a darker note: I am seriously starting to get ticked. There is a person on the HPVST spot that is not reading any of my counter comments and decides, instead, to just type in chatspeak and say 'u dnt understand' over and over and OVER!!!!


Seriously. It is sooo annoying!
Больше года fanfly said…
@Mermaid-Tail, I was the one who posted that 'Is Twilight a bad influence on young women' pick on the Female Ass-kickers spot! lol And I do remember being frustrated by the response it got. None of those who picked that it was a good influence were able to definitively answer why they thought so. Some of them started out promising but inevitably degenerated into 'You're pathetic' or the inevitable CAPLOCKS. My theory on their response is that they love the books so much that they automatically defend it without even thinking about it. And because they haven't thought about it they of course have no response to the points made in favor of Bella being a bad influence. They can't think of a strong enough argument for her being a good influence so they don't even address the issue.

Many picked that it's just a harmless book. But books have the power to influence people, whether they're fictional or not and I think the daily evidence of fans' enthusiasm for Twilight is proof that it is having an influence on people. There are some level-headed fans who don't take it seriously and aren't going to allow it to influence the way they view the world. But there are also a great many fans who by their own words consider Edward Cullen the ideal man. They are taking it seriously and buying into the idea that the perfect man is possessive, invasive and controlling. If that's not a bad influence I don't know what is.

Also many young women are reading these novels at an age where they are just beginning to form their own ideas on male/female relationships. They are at a very malleable point in their development where certain influences and experiences can shape the way they view romance/relationships. I wouldn't have near the issue I have with the book if that wasn't the case.

BTW in case anyone is interested here's the pick that I posted:
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Больше года jighooligan101 said…
renrae Id love to see a link to the pick in question in HPvsT spot if at all possible?
Больше года renrae said…
Ok. :)


And it wasn't a pick, and the author actually mentions that it should be in the pick section. It's getting quite heated over there.
Больше года _lina_ said…
This is kind of a tangent to the whole Twilight thing, but I hope it still kind of fits: I haven't been on Fanpop much for a while now, and I kind of missed the whole period where Twilight took over the 'Pop. So today I was just getting re-aquainted with everything, and I just noticed so many user spots - spots named after a specific user, where s/he posts all their own little content. I mean, I know there were a couple of fan appreciation spots before, but I've found at least a dozen spots that people create about themselves, and make their own little world. Most of the usernames are Twilight-related, which is why I'm mentioning it here. And just browsing through their stuff, it's mostly Twilight fanfiction and the users' favourite Youtube vids and stuff. So I guess my question is, how long has this been going on? I mean, isn't that what blogs are for? Livejournal and all that jazz? Somewhere that you can post all your favourite stuff, but it doesn't end up bothering people who don't want to look at it? I don't know, it just seems that Fanpop's lost that sense of community it had before. Most of the sane users must have gone into hiding or something :)
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
I've just unsuscribed from the Twilight spot. Again. *waves goodbye to medal*

I used to find interesting stuff every once in a while, but I'm so freaking sick of the "OMG wut do u think about kristen gettin pregnant bai rob?!!1111" crap, I'm about to snap. The spot isn't even about the series anymore - it's about the actors' personal lives. It's a break from all the "who iz hottar?!!!!!11" questions, but COME ON. It really annoys me when people get all up in others' personal business - No, I do not believe the world needs to see Kristen Stewart at a gas station. As interesting as that sounds, can't these freaks give her a moment of peace?! I am not a fan of Kristen, I think she's a horrible actress, but I actually feel really bad for her. Poor girl, she didn't know that she was signing up to be stalked for the next 10 years of her life when she got involved in the abomination that is Twilight.

Just when you think kids can't possibly get any dumber... 40 stalker mags conspire and start the Pattinson/Stewart rumors again. Good job kids, you're all pawns in a game called "Obsessed Children Will Buy Anything". I'm sure your parents are proud.

I admire the semi-normal fans in the Twilight spots who haven't given up on the series (or trying to keep the fans in line) yet. You guys have far more patience than I do.
Больше года _lina_ said…
So I went to Chapters yesterday (not sure if you guys have Chapters in the US, it's basically like Barnes & Noble) and I made the mistake of wandering into the tween section. It is pretty much entirely devoted to Twilight. They even have books on the actors' experiences of playing the characters. Kristen Stewart's is called - brace yourselves - Kristen Stewart: Bella of the Ball! And yes, the exclamation mark is part of the title. It makes me weep.
Больше года Mermaid-Tail said…
Bella of the ball? really? you know what the saddest thing about that is? I bet the person who decided on that pun was really proud of themselves.
Больше года _lina_ said…
Yeah, they probably were :) link the book, if anyone really wants to buy it.
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Больше года renrae said…
Gag me.

that pun is so bad.
Больше года laureng114 said…
HAH, that is awful.

Darksarcasm, congrats on leaving the Twilight spot!
I'm working on it... it's my highest medal so it's hard to let go lol. I never go to the spot anymore (ever) so I figure that leaving would be a good idea.
Больше года renrae said…
MMM. I feel for you.
Больше года labi-has-ocd said…
Renrae i jst feel the need to say.. that the stuff about the vs site u wrote.. is obvioulsy directed at me and TEAM-EDWARDXX.. but i would like to say.. nicely.. that alot of the stuff u said above was incoreect and i dont belive you handeled it well by calling TEAM-EDWARDXX such things as twi-hard, when she asked u not too..
and u relateated just as bad with some things you said.. so i just felt the need to say some of this..
Больше года TEAM-EDWARDxxx said…
Renrae when you said "I love how you feel the need to defend you Twi-HardyNess" No one said back to you "'GO TO H&$%, B@#$%' <- no one said that, im sorry but i felt the need to correct you on that one, and most of the stuff you just said on your 'rant' wasn't true, i think i should know because it was my question.

I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything, i just came across this and saw that you were poorly mistaken.
Больше года renrae said…
A better place for you two would be in the Twilighter rants, it says this is for anti's. So move it there.
Больше года TEAM-EDWARDxxx said…
I was just correcting you... thats all,dont need to get mad im not trying to start a fight with you
Больше года renrae said…
Actually, that stuff did happen to me. Again, you aren't an anti. :) So I would post this in the Twilighter rant thread.
Больше года Dearheart said…
Hi, TEAM-EDWARD! Welcome to the CAT! =)

Just to settle any doubts, you're perfectly welcome to be here. This spot is for the fans as well as the antis. But if you have something to settle with renrae, could you PM her instead? Or if there's something you think I should know, you could PM me. It's not because I want to shut you up or anything; I just don't want any internet wars going on in this forum, lol.

Also, like renrae said, there IS a special rant thread for Twilighters. So if an anti treated you badly in any way, or if you're frustrated with crazy fangirls giving your fanbase a bad name, or if there's something else you need to vent out, feel free to go there and rant to your heart's content. ;-) The rant threads are safe places where you can yell all you want and no one will jump on you for it. =D

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know!
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Больше года TEAM-EDWARDxxx said…
Hi Dearheart, thanks for welcoming me :)

Im not trying to start a war, im just saying that what renrae posted about people swearing at her isnt true, you can even check for yourself :) thats all i wanted to say, and correct her on that one.

And Renrae can you please send me a link or paste the bit where a twilight fan sent this -> "'GO TO H&$%, B@#$%' , im not saying that your lying or anything, i might have missed it but i would just like to see it.

Thats all im gunna say..
Больше года ilovecreed13 said…
i had a person send a message that i'm f***ing crazy how dare you hate twilight i hate you and my favorite part of the message you have no friends or an invisible friend who hates you to

so i send the person back a message saying i have a lot of friend who hate twilight to and got a message back saying they are in your head you mother f*****.

serious do these people have nothing better to do than send mean messages to people why don't they go on the twilight spot and have a conversation with someone who loves twilight

why is it so hard to believe that more than one person in the world hate twilight
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Больше года Plenilunio said…
^ Even if you were the only person in the entire universe who hated Twilight, what is wrong with saying it? Heck, you're stating you hate a book series -and the subsequent movies-, you are not insulting anyone personally!
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
"they are in your head " - pmsl

its the kinda comeback you get between middle school kids. some twihards get so childish, you just have to laugh.
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
oh theres something i want to rant about, with no offence intended to twifans.

do twilight fans have to bring twilight into everything. On the primeval fan club aswell as others people ask "is anyone a fan of twilight here?" when this club has nothing to do with vampires or twilight. if they want to meet other twifans theres plenty of clubs for them. But it doesnt bother me too much. i guess theyre just making friends in their own way.

Something that does bother me is that on certain pick they compare stuff to twilight. for example on the interview with the vampire website theres a pick which is "which is better? twilight or interview?" and another " who is better James or Lestat?" and i just think, twilight has nothing to do with interview with the vampire (ok so maybe the vampire stuff) but theres a Twilight vs. vampire lestat site, so why do they do it on clubs specificly just for the anne rice book.

Really nothing major or that insulting just annoying really.
Больше года ilovecreed13 said…
i have something else to rant about

on the harry potter spot there is a simple pick who's hotter harry or ron but you can add your own person and someone decided to put edward cullen

if you want to do something like that go to the twilight vs harry potter spot
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
thats my point, its a harry potter club and so u expect it to be all about harry potter. you dont need to bring twilight into it. there is even a HP vs Twilight club for u to do that. its just exesive and unessaccairy.
Больше года Plenilunio said…
*takes a deep breath*!!!!

Sorry, I had to say it. Yet another spot colonized by the Twihards: Personality Test. Over there, I've found link pick. I have complained and now I'm waiting for the insults... I mean answers!

ETA: it was removed! Anyway, it was something "Who is your ideal guy, Jacob or Edward?" and you were supposed to choose between two different options, "friendship" or "brothers". Maybe someone reported it as spam? (No, I did not. I thought about it for a split second, but I managed to refrain from it.)
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Больше года Asvini said…
Yeah, if only there was a place the Twilighters could put picks like that. A 'spot' shall we say. Yes a 'spot' for things all about Twilight, a 'Twilight spot'. That would be so handy. I wonder why nobody on Fanpop ever though of it? I would assume there was already a 'Twilight spot', perhaps even more than one, but clearly that can't be true, otherwise why would they keep going on EVERY SINGLE SPOT I'M IN POSTING UNRELATED TWILIGHT NONSENSE?!?
Больше года renrae said…
Yeah, I've NEVER seen a twilight spot before, let alone by attacked by it's members.
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
Cospiracy!!!!!!!! It's all part of Stephanie Meyers attempt to take over the world!!!!!! We must rebel! but beware of the twihards, i hear they can be violent. They have been brainwashed by her to become a part of her army, God save the Cullens!!!!
Больше года Plenilunio said…
^ Indeed. I've had another unwanted sighting. A few days ago I joined a Harry Potter based RPG site where you can start RPing threads about anything you want, Harry Potter related or not. There are many Twilight RP threads, which is fine, I just ignore them. However, in one of the many RP boards, I found a scary thread. Its title was "Jacob Black sucks" (in all caps, of course). Out of curiosity, I clicked on it. A stupid Team Edward rabid fangirl had decided to write abuse about PedoWolf Black. Luckily, it got reported as spam and locked after just a "WTF, dude?" answer.
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
I just don't get some of the twihards. i understant why some of them turn of antis but its just stupid to turn on ur own side! theyre arguing over which fictional character is best, and geting agresive about it. its just stupid. You dont see people going "u stupid weirdo spike is so obviously better than angel!" its all just bizare!
Больше года OceanCoast said…
Why can't they freaking spell?

Please for the love of God explain to me how these people have read the entire series and yet still can't peace together a coherent sentence.

/end of rant.
Больше года renrae said…
This isn't a rant, but I needed a place to post my victory.

A few months ago I went to the Twilight DVD party at Borders with a friend. (It was her birthday, i've known her since preschool and needed to make her happy.)

Now. They had a "Who's the biggest Twilight fan" contest. I think the first question was who owns all of the books. I do, so I was entered into it. Eventually they ran out of ideas to see who was the biggest fan, so I had a suggestion.

(rest is in script form.)

Me: If you followed Robert Pattinson to see where he goes all the time.
Borders Girl: That's creepy.
Me: Edward does it to Bella all the time.
Borders Girl: ...

Of course, then people go into the "He is only protecting her from the big bad world' rant, but i had fun making people stare at me like I had six heads.

Больше года Asvini said…
If they claimed it was for her protection Edward followed her you should've responded with "Well, of course I only follow Robert to protect him from the rabid fangirls, don't you remember one almost got him hit by a car a while back?" Robert is clearly in more danger than Bella ever was, so if following her to protect her is ok in their eyes following Robert shold be even more understandable.
Больше года Plenilunio said…
Yesterday I found a way to explain one of the more ridiculous traits: sparkly vampires! Let me tell you the story and I'll tell you why it belongs here a bit like renrae's story belongs (hey, it's a rant! Some Twitards are so stupid they try to vindicate Edward even if they realize he's a stalker).

I bought a Livestrong-like band at the pharmacy. It is white, but when you go into the sun, it becomes purple. Depending on the quantity of UV radiation it receives, its color will change ranging from lilac to nearly eggplant. I was looking at it change color when I was having a walk and then it hit me: there was the simplest explanation to why meyerpires sparkle only in the sun.

I know you'll claim diamonds sparkle everywhere, no matter the kind of light and stuff. Anyway, isn't it a more valid explanation than "it's fiction! It doesn't have to make sense, get over it!"? I think so. So, my rant is: why, instead of trying to find a more or less valid answer, even if it implies saying "magic!", SMeyer just shrug it off and says the problem is ours? Oh, yeah, I forgot explaining includes both thinking and researching. Silly me.
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Больше года Myf_1992 said…
I think your discovery just proves SM lack of thinking, skill and a brain.

This isn't a rant, it just made me laugh.

A while back twilight won a load of mtv awards (this did bother me bcoz there were more desrving films out there), and among these awards they won best kiss. Robert and Kristen went up on stage to accept this award, and the crowd asked for them to kiss. So they awkwardly inched closer to each other, looked longingly into one anothers eyes, closed their eyes and got so close they were almost touching, then suddenly Kristen stepped up to the podium, thanked mtv for the award and left Robert standing there dazzed. It was pretty funny.

Then not too long ago I saw a comment that went something like this;

OMG! Waznt it tottly fuckin stupid that Kristen didnt kiss R-Patzz at mtv. Shes such a whore!!!

I laughed so hard. I love how entertaining some twihard can be.
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Больше года renrae said…
"OMG! Waznt it tottly "

Learn to spell, please. You do not have a good excuse.

"fuckin" BAD WORD!

" stupid that Kristen didnt kiss R-Patzz "

Oh, so he's a rapper now?

"at mtv. Shes such a whore!!! "

Funny 'didn't kiss' and 'whore' don't really add up together.... you Do know what those words mean, right?

And i think the only spots NOT colonized by twilight fans are the Tv shows spots. Spots about Tv shows. Except like true blood and stuff, cause there are some comparing picks, but... the TV Show spots got off easy.
Больше года emisa123 said…
If you love God, Kitties, Trees, Puppies, Or anything fair/good in this life, Please don't ever say you love Twilight.

Here are some things I read on why people like Twilight better than Harry Potter as said from a real fan:

#1 twilight books are beter than harry potter
#2 twilight movies are a lot more exiteing han harry potter movies
#3the boy characters are more hot
#4 there are ALOT more twilight fans than harry potter

My response: #1 Exactly why are they better than Harry Potter books? Opinion not facts so point 1 for anti-Twi
#2 Movies are not books, so you can't really do anything with that. Again, opinion, so point 2 for anti-Twi.
#3 Are you kidding me???!!! The characters are not freakin' real!!! And besides, they are ACTORS, not the real characters. Opinion not fact (again). point 3 for anti-Twi.
#4 How do you know? A ton more Harry Potter books have been sold than Twilight. So are you just liking Twilight because of some weird fad?Popularity has nothing to do with how good the book is. Point 4 for anti-Twi.

Anti-Twi wins.
Больше года Myf_1992 said…
"If you love God, Kitties, Trees, Puppies, Or anything fair/good in this life, Please don't ever say you love Twilight."

Больше года kayleebabee said…
OMG i am a twifan but I aint pure like all pscho stalker stuff if you know what i mean I just think that Robert pattinson (please note that i am saying robert pattinson and not Edward cullen I just think roert pattinson is pleasing on the eye)