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Just a funny picture I found :)
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Note: It’s important for me to communicate that I don’t know the Автор of Twilight или her family personally and I do not intend them any insult; this Статья is purely academic speculation inspired by a story which will remain a timeless work of art. It is the emotional accessibility of the work which makes commentary such as this possible. I may be projecting the whole thing… But that’s exactly why Twilight is so successful, because it invites us so welcomingly into the story!

Every Фан knows the story of the Twilight Saga.
There are many theories as to what makes the story such a pop-culture...
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posted by MadamOcta13
Lately, I've heard and seen jokes and Комментарии about Edward being "pathetic" или "gay" because he was a 100 год old virgin. I've written this Статья to state that I see no problem in him being a virgin. I feel that virginity is not something to poke fun at. It simply means that someone wants to save themselves for that special someone whom they are going to spend the rest of their life with. I myself am a virgin and plan to stay that way until I get married.

However, I am somewhat confused. If Edward has lived for 100 years and has yet to give himself to anyone, then why does he decide to have...
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posted by XDRoseLuvsHP
There are three (3) big categories of abuse. These are the ones that happen on a daily basis, and they are not at all uncommon :( In Twilight, all three of these abusive categories are represented by a character. They are grouped as follows:

Psychological Abuse: Edward Cullen
Sexual Abuse: Jacob Black
Physical Abuse: Sam Uley

Now, Ты Twilighters are probably thinking, "Whaa-? That's ridiculous!" No, actually, it is not, if Ты will give me a chance to explain.

Edward Cullen does indeed abuse Bella psychologically. He constantly refers to her stupidity and her clumsiness. Some may call this "keeping...
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posted by anna0789
hi this is my first rant ever hope Ты like it

im a twilight Фан but i hate bella
for several things

first of all when Ты first read the book Ты have the idea that BELLA is very contempt with herself and a normal looking teenage girl that is very unselfish and very kind and loving and warm and falls in Любовь with a vampire and she would do anything for him ..right..

ok but if Ты concentrate and look beyond all the adjectives s.meyer uses for descriving how beautiful and sparkly edward is and really LOOK at the story and at their characters Ты will realize the truth about bella that is

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posted by OCFan123
Эй, there! So recently I just put a Bella and Jacob article, which I really enjoyed writing, and of course sharing my opinions. Some people have сказал(-а) they would want me to write a Статья here about Edward Cullen, so here it is! Hope Ты enjoy it!

Now, there's no way Ты haven't heard of him. He is currently every girls dream boy, has the most Фаны on Fanpop when it comes to character, and alos has a cult. Everyone loves him.
But my Вопрос is...why?
They say he's romantic, a gentleman. Really? So what if he uses chessy lines and says stuff like "You are my life now." или "The lion fell in love...
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I've talked about some of the things that crossed my mind when Чтение Twilight in the past. Thoughts such as "when is Bella going to freak out about the Edward watching her sleep thing?" "Did that say sparkling? I've re-read that passage like, four times and it still seems to say sparkling" "Does Stephanie Meyer think deer is a vegetable? no, really does she? Does she think Ты can call yourself a vegetarian if Ты don't eat things like people или those monkeys who know sign language?"
But those are valid thoughts that many people Чтение the Книги also thought (well, maybe not specifically...
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Вампиры from all over meet for their annual reunion. Appearances by Edward Cullen, Angel, Dracula, Count von Count, Bill Compton, and more. Featuring a special visit from Buffy.
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Ok so I heard this and I am still cracking up XDDD All credit goes to volitaire77. Oh and important detail she claims to not be a twilight Фан
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