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 C.S.I. Miami
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This C.S.I. - Место преступления Майами фото contains деловой костюм. There might also be хорошо одетый человек, костюм, брючный костюм, костюм брюки брючный костюм, концерт, костюм, and костюм одежды.

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Lola's POV
"Lola, please wake up," someone said, "please do not leave me like everyone else has!"
I felt someone squeezing my hand. I looked over it was Kyle.
"Kyle," I сказал(-а) as I busted out in tears, "you are here and alive! Are Ты okay?!"
I thought I would never see him again. I thought they would have hurt him as much as they did to me.
"I am fine," he сказал(-а) as he wiped a tear away that slipped from my eyes.
I leaned over to give Kyle a hug and my ribs brushed against the arm of the bed. Man, it hurt; but it was not has bad as what happen to me.
"Are Ты okay," I asked again, "they did not treat...
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C.S.I. - Место преступления Майами
season 7
episode 5
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