C.S.I. - Место преступления Нью-Йорк Newbie Alert! :)

neurogirl07 posted on Oct 17, 2009 at 06:05AM
Hey guys!

I'm Nicole and I (literally) JUST joined. I've been a fan of CSI:NY for maybe like a few months or so, but I REALLY got into it quick. I'm in the process of watching the first season (as well as watching any random repeats on TNT/Spike TV/etc.) because I want to have all the background on the characters.

However, I had a quick question to the Gary (and I guess anyone else really) fans here because I stumbled upon the below image on a fan group on yahoo. After like an hour of trying to find out where the heck this cover could be found, and then promptly going crazy because I have NO idea where its from (and a bigger image is as well), I decided to ask you all since hopefully you guys have seen the picture before.

If you haven't seen the picture, don't worry about it...but again, I was just wondering if you have indeed seen this picture before, and could tell me where the heck to find a)the article or b)even a higher resolution copy of the picture.

Thanks guys! :)
 guys! I'm Nicole and I (literally) JUST joined. I've been a Фан of C.S.I. - Место преступления Нью-Йорк for maybe like a few m

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