A couple of hours later
Elena was lying in Damon’s arms, when the door opened and Stefan and Katherine appeared in the doorway.
“Damon? Can I talk to you” Katherine asked careful. Damon nodded, but prevented Elena from leaving. “In private?”
“It’s okay, Damon” Elena sighed and she freed herself from his hold. “I’ll be back” she сказал(-а) with a faint smile. She walked away from the постель, кровати and followed Stefan outside.
“Elena, I’m sorry” Stefan said.
“Not now, Stefan” Elena said.
“Yes, now” Stefan said. “I know Ты hate me and Ты have every right to. Ты should hate me”
“Where are Ты heading at?” Elena asked.
“I know Ты like Damon” Stefan сказал(-а) and Elena could see it took him a lot of effort to admit it. “But I don’t want Ты to go to him because I’m a piece of worthless shit. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, but if you’re going to be with my brother, it has to be because of Ты Любовь him and not because Ты hate me”
Stefan left Elena in the living room to think about that.
In the meantime Katherine was trying to involve Damon into her vengeful plans.
“I don’t get you, Damon” she сказал(-а) frustrated. “She tried to kill Ты when Ты couldn’t defend yourself. She tried to separate Ты from Elena”
“It’s over now” Damon said. “She’s no treat anymore”
“You think so?” Katherine raised her eyebrows. “Who says that as soon as she wakes up she won’t try it again?...She will come back and finish the job”
Damon shook his head, trying not to let Katherine get to him.
“She’s weak now” Katherine said. “If you’re ever going to get back at her, now’s the time”
“I can’t do it” Damon said, sounding not very convincing.
“Do it for Elena” Katherine said. “Bonnie played her only because she had a deep bond with you”
Elena walked through the hallway and headed back to Damon’s room. She opened the door and looked shocked in the empty room. She noticed the window being open.
“Stefan?!” she yelled as she ran through the hallway.