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1.Being completely truthful to a girl Ты want to pursue about the fact that Ты stalked her for four months to make sure she wasn’t a woman Ты loved 145 years назад and still kept a picture of in your bedroom
2.Being truthful to a sad girl about stalking her to a cemetery
3.Being truthful to this girl about how Ты knew where her house was
4.Being truthful to this girl about how your parents, или your father, really died
5.Being truthful to this girl about the fact that you’re immortal and will never grow old while she will
6.Being truthful to this girl about how Ты have this intense desire to rip her head and limbs off and suck her dry because you’ve been running from your bloodlust for years instead of learning to control it
7.Telling your girlfriend that she looks exactly like one of your exes before sleeping with her
8.Not treating your brother like shit even though Ты were responsible for at least half the pain he has suffered in his life
9.Not assuming the worst in your brother
10.Not being a possessive, jealous and manipulative жопа, попка towards your girlfriend
11.Not forcing blood down your ex-girlfriend’s throat and threatening to murder her off the bridge where her parents died at and then leaving her alone there at night with vampire blood in her system after declaring Ты don’t care what she thinks about Ты anymore
12.Not fucking up Elena’s brother in a desperate attempt to ‘fix’ her and get her back again
13.Saving the girl Ты Любовь first
14Loving Elena completely, good and bad, highs and lows no matter what
16.Being useful
17. Not being a hypocrite