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Эй, guys. I want to start off by saying that this is strictly my opinion with which Ты may или may not agree. This Статья is somewhat anti-Stefan или anti-Stelena, so fair warning beforehand. If Ты are a Фан of them, please do not read it. Contructive criticism much appreciated. :)

This Статья mainly deals with Stefan's actions in the Последнее episodes (3.09-3.12), and how i view them in regard with Stefan-Elena's relationship.
Stefan went on his revenge Klaus mode asserting that he didn't care about anything anymore, including Elena. He stated that 'destroying Klaus' is all he has left. Elena...
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She gracefully placed her warm, loving hands on his neck.

“It will be ok,” Elena spoke softly as she looked into Damon’s gorgeous blue eyes.

“We Остаться в живых Stefan, Elena, it will never be ok,” He сказал(-а) with anger and guilt in his throat.

“I know,” Elena was sad, but held it back because she knew that now that Stefan was gone she needed to be strong for both her and Damon, “But Ты can’t blame yourself, Damon, this kind of stuff happens, it happens all the time, and lets face it, it’s bound to happen again.”

“But it was all my fault, I’m the reason my brothers dead,” Damon felt...
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posted by delenasalvatore
I don't understand why people assume that it will always be Stefan and Elena. Even some DE Фаны believe this, and that seriously puzzles me because there's a lot about the way the треугольник has been written that seems to be saying the opposite.
Let's look at the Источник of this mythical assumption. First: that Stefan was the first brother Elena fell in Любовь with; a very common (but highly illogical) belief amongst Stelenappers that this somehow acts as a precedent to an SE endgame.
I don't think there was anything very remarkable about the way SE met and fell in love. While I do think that the...
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posted by DelenaLove1
Chapter 7 Under Control

A/N: I understand that some of Ты were confused by Damon's behavior last chapter. Well this chapter will explain all of that! I hope Ты enjoy!

Elena laid on the couch, millions of thoughts going in her head. What was Damon's problem? One минута he was protecting them and the Далее he was hurting them. "What's wrong with Ты Damon?" Elena sobbed out quietly, not noticing a dark figure looming behind her.

"Nothing is wrong with me. I just came to my senses."

Elena gasped as she craned her neck to see Damon standing behind her, drink in hand. Her eyes narrowed, giving him...
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I cannot believe people are hating on Ian because he supports Delena. Ian plays Damon, so he wants what his character wants...just like Paul likes SE, Ian likes DE. People are complaining because he doesn't talk about Bamon. BAMON DOES NOT EXIST. The Показать is not the Книги and even if Bamon happens in the Показать it won't be for a loooong time, although I'm crossing my fingers for "never". Damon loves Elena. End of story.
I Любовь how if he talks about DE he's "selling" them. How about the fact that just like Ты and I have our preferences over couples, so does he. He's allowed to have his opinion....
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posted by eve_k
Lately,I see a lot of pessimism in our spot.Allthought I can understan where it is coming from,I don't think that we should be pessimistic,there is no need.I will try to give my reasons as to why.

Let's start with Elena.Yes,she hurt Damon deeply by saying "Maybe that's the problem" and yes,it seems she doesn't know what she wants yet.But that is understandable.Imagine that Ты were in her shoes.Right after her parents died she meets Stefan.Stefan who seems perfect.He is always there,he keeps her safe,he cares and protects her loved ones and she knows that he will always be there,because he is...
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