Got and read the book already!
Hi guys, I Любовь the Robert Langdon's novels and I had seen the Фильмы too. So here are my reasons on why I'm excited about the upcoming movie!

The Setting

I Любовь to go to Italy, and Florence is one of my вверх destination. It also introduces me another famous artwork, which I will write about it later. I am very glad that the movie will guide me on where to go while in Florence!

The Artwork

Okay, as I promised, the book and the movie will introduce me to a new piece of artwork called 'The Map of Hell'. When I first did a little research about it, I was really amazed by the structure of the painting. As it looks like a tornado!

The Characters

Aside from Robert Langdon, there will be some new characters, including the actors who will be playing them as well.

Ready for Another Adventure with Langdon?

These are all of my reasons why I'm getting very excited about the movie, are you?
The Map of Hell