The Book Cover!
Hi guys, I had read the book and I have to say it's also a must read like his Назад book with Robert Langdon. So here is my review of it!

The Story

Like Ангелы & Demons, the story introduces me to the Freemason, which is the sister organisation to the Illuminati. It is also a father and son moment when the former found our that his son is a bad guy, very much like звезда Wars.

The Characters

Aside from Robert Langdon, we are introduce to new characters and the one thing funny about Inoue Sato is that she reminds me of Sue Sylvester from Хор and Simon Cowell because she a cold and aloof person. She falsely accuse Robert of a crime which he did not do!

Go Ahead and Read It!

Another short review, and I hope that this will be make into a movie soon.