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bronwynr1 posted on Jun 05, 2013 at 08:35AM
Dance Academy Series 3 starts 8th July 6pm on ABC3 in Australia!!!! :D
Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below thanks :)
 Dance Academy Series 3 starts 8th July 6pm on ABC3 in Australia!!!! :D Let me know your thoughts by
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Больше года beautifulbird said…
Was surprised by this program, very impressed. I love how each character has developed throughout, definitely when you compare it to other teen programs. I'm not the target audience for this program and yet I can stand watching it without wanting to slap them for any childish behavior, especially because the words "I love you" are not thrown about. I am looking forward to seeing the characters continuous development through the next season. The writers are good and the actors are well suited for their roles. I also adore how normal they seem, re-wearing outfits, eating carbohydrates and looking like teenagers, healthy teenagers.

On the romantic relationships in the program, I am for Tara and Christian as the end game. Tara brings out the best in Christian. They compliment each other. I love Kat and the personality they created for her but I feel she deserves someone who loves her and only her. Who doesn't pick her because she is an easier choice. It does seem that Tara was trying to change Christian, she tries to change herself to fit him also. But if you watch, with an open mind, she does this because she doesn't think she is good enough for him, and that is an issue she has within herself. I don't think you can debate, Christian and Tara or Christian and Kat because it is obvious, its about the relationship on a deeper level that the writers have created, not which actors look cuter together or the perceived, she just wants to change him.

Looking forward to season 3 though I have to wait longer. Be interesting to see who gets in the company and in particular what Abigail will choose, Ballet or Theater. I am hoping Theater, that seemed more natural for her.
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