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News by peppergirl30 posted Больше года
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As major Фаны of the hit series 'Dance Moms,' we want to know what's going on with our Избранное stars at any moment. We got to chat with young звезда Chloe Lukasiak about her dance career, what she has in store for the future, and her holiday plans!

Fanlala: What's the first memory Ты have of dancing?

Chloe Lukasiak: My first recital - we were bunnies, and I was really little. I just remember hopping around the stage as a bunny.

F: Do Ты watch a lot of dance Фильмы или Видео with dancing in them?

CL: I do watch some dance movies. We watch dancers and dance groups and competitions. I learn cool moves and like to watch other dancers.

F: Are there any songs right now that you'd really like to do a routine to? Which routine has been your Избранное so far?

CL: ''As Long As Ты Любовь Me'' by Justin Bieber is the ones song I want to dance to. We went to his concert. The girls and I from 'Dance Moms' went. It was so cool. My Избранное dance for solo is Dream on a звезда and Silence. And my Избранное group number is The Last Text and another...
Opinion by Nuttypeanut posted Больше года
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1. Избранное Mom

I don't have a Избранное mom. I honestly don't like any of them! Sorry to people who Любовь any of the moms, but I think they all need to grow up.

2. Избранное Girl

My Избранное girl is Nia. I think she's improving as a dancer and she seems like a really nice kid. I Любовь how she always thinks about other people's feelings!

3. Избранное Maddie Solo

My Избранное solo by Maddie is Manhattan. She performed it at Season 1 Nationals and won a Название for it. I thought the music, choreography, costume, and her facial expressions were great!

4. Избранное Chloe Solo

Oh gosh, I have so many! If I had to pick, I'd probably say Dream On A звезда (or Unchained, или Don't Catch Me, или In For The Thrill, или The Raven!)

5. Избранное Paige Solo

My Избранное Paige solo is Creme de la Creme. She had so much energy in it, it was really fun to watch! I loved the Музыка too.

6. Избранное Brooke Solo
Opinion by kikii629 posted Больше года
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From the costumes to the dance routines to the caddy moms, dance moms sure makes toddlers and tiaras seem like watching трава grow! We've seen it all this season, crying kids, screaming mothers,over the вверх choreography.
And there telling us it's nothing compared to season 2.
Dance moms was approved for a секунда season this past week, with a 13 episode run. The problem is, the cast might be changed!
Lifetime has already interviewed several other dance companies and is expected to make an outcome in the Далее month. I, for one, do not wish for the cast to be changed. But, Ты never know.
We all hope for the best as Dance Moms continues it's run!