DarkCruz360 ♥ What do Ты think is a good present for Cruz on Valentine's Day? ♥

Pick one:
Box of Chocolates
Some Fun day/date going out somewhere
Big Bad Wolfe Mask
волк Plushie
Do Not Disturb gift basket of goodies
A Song by Sinna
A V-Day Cake
Assortment of Furry Handcuffs O.O
Strawberries (dipped)
Heart-shaped Box full Of little Любовь Notes, Любовь Letters, & Poems
Some lil Secret Treat <3
Red Silk PJs XD
Valentine Box filled with MEAT (& edible treats)
Romantic ужин
Massage Oils
Something Kinky/Wild
Red Silk женское нижнее белье, нижнее белье, трусы
Something Adventureous
Jewelry (w/birthstone maybe)
Hugs & Kisses
♥ Just Любовь -
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 Sinna_Hime_chan posted Больше года
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